Introduction: Mini Electric PCB Driller

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Ever wanted to drill holes on your custom designed home made PCBs quickly?

Then, you are at the right webpage. There even exists a "finger drill" to do the job of drilling holes. But it takes a lot of time to drill a single hole. Hence it is not appreciated much.

The electric PCB driller which I am going to teach you is much more efficient than any kind of PCB driller as it is easy to make, cheaper alternative and Faster driller.

Step 1: Materials Required

>> a 5v to 12v DC motor

>> 0.8mm or 0.1mm Drill Bits (you can buy them at local hardware shops)

>>Pen refill (preferably an empty one)


>>Soldron or Soldering Pen

>>Lead wire

>>Soldering paste or Flux

>>10mins of your precious time ;-)

Step 2: Getting Started

Take a refill and cut almost 2cm of its non inked part.

Then try forcing the cut out part of the refill into the motor's rod from both the ends of the refill.

Step 3: Making Use of the Pen's NIB

Separate the nib of the pen and cut it into two halves such that the drill bit passes through the nib.

Step 4: Soldering the Drill Bit to the Pen's Nib

Hold the drill bit's non sharpy end with the help of a cutter.

Insert the cut nib into the drill bit untill it reaches the midway of the drill bit.

Apply a little flux at the junction.

Solder it off!

Step 5: Cutting

Cut off the extra drill bit from its back and insert the modified nib into the refill which is attached to the motor.

Step 6: Finally

Finally, your PCB Driller is ready. Watch the demo of its working


>>If you are using a motor of less than 9v, then a normal 9v battery is sufficient to power it and drill holes........

>>If you are using a motor of rating more than 9v, then power it using two 9v batteries or using a Regulated Power Supply or using a 9v(or rated voltage),1.5A DC adapter.

>>This is my First Instructable.....Kindly notify me if there is any mistake. Also feel free to comment below if you have any doubts regarding the Driller.

>>You can even soak the cut plastic refill in hot water if you think the refill's hole is too small to fit the motor's shaft (credits: 33uxb)

>>I have used a unique method of soldering the drill bit to the nib.

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