Mini Electric Screwdriver Tool in a Keychain ! - " World's Smallest Electric Screwdriver "

Introduction: Mini Electric Screwdriver Tool in a Keychain ! - " World's Smallest Electric Screwdriver "

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Let's Make a Electric Screwdriver In The Size of The Keychain !

And It's For Really Cheap Price Just Under 6$ ! , And With Common RC Toys Parts , Like Servo Motor,lipo Battery,Few Switches...

Here's The Quick Look At It's Features

Here's Full Tutorial Video

So Let's Get Started !

Step 1: Fun to Do With Mini Screwdriver !

1. Carry It Anywhere you go , it easily hooks in your Keychain !

2. Rechargeble With USB ! -" Fun Continues Again & Again....

3. Mini Torch - " Will Save You One Day ...

Here's The Full Tutorial

Step 2: Parts You Will Need...

Your Parts List

1. 9g Micro Servo Motor

2. 3.7v 300mAh Lipo Battery

3. TP4056 Battery Charger Board

4. A Push Button & DPDT Switch

5. 4 mm Hexnut Attachment .

Step 3: Hack a Servo !

1. Open The Servo with its Four Screws, and Cut the Blocking Pat of The Gear at the output as shown in the picture.

2. Cut the Blocking Part With Cutter .

3. Also Bend Blocking Part in The Potentiometer ,So That It Can Rotate in 360 Degrees.

4. Remove The Circuit Board Inside The Servo.

5.Fit The Servo as Before Now Your Servo Should Rotate In 360 Degrees When Connected To The Power .

Step 4: Make a Rechargeble Battery !

1. Take a Lipo Battery and remove the protection circuit ,if your TP4056 doesn't have inbuilt .

2. Connect a TP4056 Board Directly To The Battery.

Step 5: Full Connection Diagram

Prefer This Block Diagram To Connect All Components Together .

And It's Almost Done !

Step 6: Make Quick Swappable Bit !

1. Take a 4mm Hexnut Attachment & Platic Connector of Servo ,And Cut The Plastic Part Round And Permanently Glue it Into Hexnut attachment . (Two Part Epoxy Works Good For this)

2. Now You Can Swap Any Screwdriver Bit You Want.

Step 7: Finishing Touch !

1. Attach a Keychain Ring

2. And Cover The Exposed Wires And Circuit With Hot Glue , So Nothing Will Short Circuit In Your Pocket.

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    7 years ago

    Please give us a link to 4mm hex attachment. It is very very difficult to find on internet. Thank you.


    7 years ago

    Please give us a link to 4mm hex attachment it is very difficult to find on internet.


    7 years ago

    Very nice instructable. Your you-tube movies are very professional and quite thorough with lots of detail. Not sure if you end up with enough torque to open some of the things I struggle with, but it sure is a great idea well carried out!


    7 years ago