Introduction: Mini Geometric Top Hat

Here's an easy low-poly papercraft top hat. It can be made with any sort of paper and decorated however you want so I hope you have some fun with it!


Printed template (PDF file)

Pretty paper that is cardstock weight, either one 12"x12" piece or two 8.5"x11" pieces (I used a thick piece of glittery paper I got at Michaels for $1)

Double sided tape or fast drying glue (I prefer tape because I'm not patient)

Scissors and Exacto knife (both is preferred)

Hair clip or head band to keep it on your head

Step 1: Print and Cut Out the Template

Print the provided template at full size, it is two pages setup to print on 8.5"x11" paper

Cut out the shapes

Step 2: Cut the Pieces Out of Your Cardstock Paper

Tape the pattern onto your cardstock and cut out around the pieces.

Also cut the solid lines in the middle of the third shape

Step 3: Score and Fold the Pieces

Score the pieces where the dotted lines are on the template

  • To score the paper, gently run your exacto knife across the your paper, you do not want to cut through the paper just the top layer. This will give you clean folds.
  • All of the dotted lines should be scored on the front side of your paper except for the lines in the middle of piece three (these have a - . - . - . line instead of a dashed line)

Once the pieces are all scored fold the paper at the scores

Step 4: Assemble Your Hat

Attach piece 1 to piece 2

  • Starting on the un-tabbed end of piece 2 use glue or double sided tape to attach a tab from piece one and continue around the circle until all the tabs on piece one are attached to piece 2

Close piece 2

  • Tape or glue the tab on piece 2 to close the hat

Attach piece 3 to piece 2

  • Tape or glue the tabs on piece 3 to the inside of piece 2

Close piece 3

  • Tape or glue the flaps around piece 3 to the inner part of piece 3

Step 5: Finishing Your Hat

Attach a hair clip to the inside of your hat (I just pushed it inside one of the final fold overs) or attach the hat to head band.

Decorate your hat, you could use ribbons, additional paper or other crafty items you may have laying around
I twisted some strips of my discarded paper around a pencil to make spirals which I added with double sided tape.

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