Introduction: Mini-Golf Card Valentine

I Like to give out unique cards on Valentine's day, so I came up with this neat little card. It folds up like a normal card, but opens up into  a mini-golf course. It only takes one piece of paper! It uses Sixlets as the golf balls, and takes about forty-five minutes to make, so you may want some help to make a lot.  Don't ask someone who you are going to give one of these valentine's to for help,of course! I am entering this into the
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Okay, if everyone is ready, then let's go!

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

For this card, you are going to need:

Construction Paper
A Pencil
A Ruler
A Marker
A Hole Punch
A Glue Stick
A Craft Knife
Padding to put under the Craft Knife
And A Snack (Optional)

Step 2: Let Us Begin...

Alright, first you need to take the piece of paper and cut it in half, then take one half and cut it in half again, like in picture one.
Take one of the fourths and fold it into fourths, like in picture two, and cut it along the folds. You should now have six pieces of different sized paper, like in picture three.

Step 3: Let Us Continue......The Club

Next, take one of the sixteenths of the paper, (The smallest pieces of paper), and measure one forth of an inch on the long side, like in picture one. Fold on that line and keep folding about half-way up the paper, like in pictures two and three. Spread glue over the unfolded part, fold it the rest of the way up and let it dry. Once it dries, you may need to cut off any extra paper sticking off. You have now finished the Golf Club.

Step 4: Let Us Continue......The Ramp

Now, take another sixteenth of the paper and measure one centimeter squares off of the two bottom corners, like in picture one.  Now, cut out those squares, like picture two. Now draw three lines across it, like in picture three, and fold along them, like picture four. Now draw two more lines, like in picture five, and cut along them. You have now finished The Ramp.

Step 5: Snack Break (Optional)

Snack Break! Picture two is a comic strip I made to look at while you eat, (easiest one I've made yet!).

Step 6: Let Us Continue......The Hole

Next up: The Hole! To start, you need to take another sixteenth and draw a line across it four centimeters long and put a mark at each of the places picture one shows. Then, put four more lines to make it look like picture two and connect them all. Now cut out along the outer lines and it should look like picture three. Next, draw four lines in the places picture four shows. It should now look like picture five. Fold it as in pictures six, seven and eight. You have now finished The Cup.

Step 7: The Card

All the pieces to the card have now been finished. Hooray! But it's not finished yet. Now, to make the actual card. Take the half piece of paper, (the bigger one), and measure one centimeter around three of the edges as shown in picture three. Picture four shows where to cut and then fold, as in picture five. Draw a little dot one inch up from the short side like picture six and punch a hole one half an inch wide over it.

Step 8: Pieces

First, we'll add the Cup. Put glue where the dots are in picture one. Glue the cup on the back of the hole, so it looks like picture three. Now, you should be able to press it down, like in picture four.

Next is the Ramp. Put glue on the part where the dot is in picture six. Now take the bottom edge of The Card, (The only edge not folded) ,and measure four and a half inches up from it and put a mark. Glue The Ramp on to this dot. The Ramp is on.

Now, draw a line with the marker two and a half inches up from the back end. This is the Line you must hit behind.

Cut  two one half inch marks where picture ten shows. This is the Golf Club holder.

Then, glue the card flaps like in picture eleven. This creates The Border. once they dry, fold the corners like in pictures twelve and thirteen. It should look like picture fourteen.

Step 9: Finishing Up

Alright, now to finish this thing up. Fold it and keep the border pointing inward like picture one. You should now have picture two. But, oh no! The marker is showing through! We need to fix that, so get your last fourth of the paper, (the bigger of the two now left), and glue it on the front, (the side without The Cup). You may want to stick a few toothpicks in the Golf Club Holder to keep it from getting glued shut. Now, trim the extra paper hanging off,seen in picture three. When it dries you can put the stick in it and it should look like pictures four and five.

Step 10: Completely Finished Up

Now you can decorate it however you want. Make sure you don't forget the sixlets! I hope you all like my Instructable.
Please rate honestly. Bye!

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