Introduction: Mini Hamburger Cookies

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These mini hamburger cookies are such a fun treat to bring to any party or potluck! Not only are they cute to look at, but they are easy to make and delicious as well. Get ready to be the talk of your next group event!

Step 1: Ingredients

1 box vanilla wafers

1 box Oreo cookies

1 16 oz. container of vanilla frosting

Sesame seeds

Roughly 2 cups of coconut flakes

Food Coloring: Red, Green, and Yellow

You may also need

3 plastic sandwich bags

2 small bowls

2 spoons

water or egg whites

Scissors or kitchen shears

Step 2: Separate Vanilla Frosting

Separate the vanilla frosting equally into 2 small bowls.

Step 3: Add Red & Yellow Food Coloring

Add a few drops of yellow food coloring into one of the small frosting bowls. Add quite a bit of red food coloring into the other small frosting bowl. It took almost a full small bottle of red food coloring to achieve the color I wanted, so make sure you have plenty.

Step 4: Mix Until Desired Color

Mix food coloring thoroughly, adding additional coloring if needed until achieved desired "mustard" and "ketchup" color.

Step 5: Add Frosting Into Plastic Sandwich Bags

Add frosting into sandwich sized bags to help pipe condiments onto burger.

Step 6: Snip Corners

Snip corners of bags using scissors or kitchen shears.

Step 7: Put Coconut in Bag

Add coconut into plastic bag. Add a few drops of green food coloring at a time. Seal bag and shake vigorously.

Step 8: Add More Coloring If Needed

Keep adding additional green food coloring and shaking until desired lettuce color is achieved.

Step 9: Separate Oreo Cookies

Separate Oreo cookies. The only part you will need is one side and cream frosting. The cookie will represent the burger patty, and the frosting will be your onion.

Step 10: Lay Vanilla Wafers Out

Start laying out vanilla wafers so that the flat side is pointing upwards.

Step 11: Attach Burger Patty

Put a small dollop of any colored frosting on top of the vanilla wafer. This helps keep the burger patty in place. Place the Oreo cookie, frosting side up, on top of the frosted vanilla wafer.

Step 12: Add Ketchup

Swirl the red frosting on top of the white Oreo frosting. This represents the ketchup part of the hamburger.

Step 13: Add Lettuce

Sprinkle the green dyed coconut on top of the red frosted Oreo cookie. This represents the lettuce part of your hamburger.

Step 14: Add Mustard

Swirl the yellow frosting on top of green dyed coconut. This represents the mustard part of the hamburger.

Step 15: Top Bun

Add another vanilla wafer on top, flat side facing down. This represents the top bun of your hamburger. Make sure to press down slightly to help bring the hamburger all together.

Step 16: Help Adhere Seeds

To help the seeds stick, you will need to use a little water or egg whites. Using your finger, dip into solution and gently rub on top.

Step 17: Sprinkle Sesame Seeds

While top is still a little damp, sprinkle sesame seeds. This will help your top bun look more realistic. They don't hold much flavor and is mostly just for looks.

Step 18: Wait at Least an Hour and Enjoy!

I usually like to wait at least an hour before serving these to make sure everything has settled together. Enjoy!

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