Introduction: Mini Hot Air Balloon

To Get Started, You will need to check that there are no holes in the plastic bag by putting the opening up to a fan and make sure that it can fill up like a balloon. Make sure the plastic bag is thin and lighweight, I would not recomend a regular grocery bag because they are too heavy.For Example, I would recomend a produce bag. Also get two birthday candles and cut them in half. One the halves of the candles where you can't see the wick make sure to peel away the wax with your finger so you can see the wax. Make sure you are doing this one a day where it is not extemely hot out because if it is too hot out the air balloon won't work. I'd say the right tempature is about 80F and bellow. For safety reasons it is important to keep a fire extinguisher or bucket or water near by. The best type of tape would be clear tape not masking tape because it would be too heavy. The final product will be very simular to the video.


A Lightweight Thin Plastic Bag (make sure there are no holes in the bag),Aluminum Foil, Marker, Birthday Candles, Lighter, Plastic Starws, Clear Tape, String.

Step 1: Making the Base

Cut out a 4in x 4in square of Aluminum Foil and mark 4 dots inside of the square each should be 1inch apart. Melt the bottom of the 4 mini candles and stick it to the marked spots on the foil with the melted wax. Fold up the 4 sides of the foil about 1/2 an inch. It should look something like the picture.

Step 2: Making the Stucture/Frame

You will be using two straws and tape to make the strusture. Measure the plastic straws to be the same length as the opening of your plastic bag. Tape the straws in a cross shape, with one straw on top of the other. Do not use too much tape or it will be to havey to lift in the air.

Step 3: Constructing the Hot Air Balloon

Next we have to tape the straws to the aluminum foil base we made. When taping the base on make sure the candles are not on the straws. We have to do this so it can balance out and it will still be light wnough to lift. When taping, add tape to each of the straw hands, there should be four. Once that is secure, tape the opening of the bag to the straw base, over top of the candles. Attach a string to the straw so you can hold onto the Hot Air Balloon once it lifts into the air.

Step 4: Flying It

It is now time to start to fly the Hot Air Balloon. A long stick lighter would probally be best for this part. Lift the bag up and reach into the inside of the bag to reach the candles and light them on fire. Be careful to not light the bag on fire. Wait a couple of minutes and the Hot Air Balloon should start to rise. Let go of it and make sure to hold onto the string or tie it to something. The balloon will fly as long as the candles are lit.