Introduction: Mini House Model Bricklaying

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From this tutorial, you can make mini house model to decorating your home.

To Bricklaying of mini house model, you need mini bricks and cement. You can make mini brick using Plaster Of Paris.

Materials :

POP For making Mini bricks ( Brick size 23 X 11 X 8 mm )


Mini trowel


Step 1: Make Plan With Bricks

First of making the first layer of bricks to draw a plan.

Then create concrete for ground flooring.

Then spread this concrete inside of plan for creating flooring of the mini house.

Rest this concrete for 12 hours for the initial set this concrete. After 12 hours you can lay other bricklayers on it.

Step 2: Bricklaying to Door Level

After concrete set makes mortar for bricklaying.

You can use only cement for this miniature home. So take some cement and water in the bowl.

Then mix this mortar properly and spread on 3rd level of bricks.

After laying of mortar adjust 4th level of bricks. Then take a mortar and spread between two breaks.

Then follow this step for 5th level of bricklaying.

Step 3: Door

Using PVC sheet make one door and adjust between brick space like a pic.

Then spread mortar on the door and use 1\4th part of brick to laying above the door.

Then spread mortar between two bricks.

Step 4: Above Door

Then make bricklaying of the upper portion of the door in the slop of bricklaying.

Slop needed for the roof. I make 3 layers of bricklaying for slop.

Step 5: Chimney

Make extra cantilever bricklaying for a chimney to the roof.

Then laying 9th layer of brick as per we make in past.

Then take 2 wooden stick for support for door and adjust two bricks as per pic.

Step 6: Roof for Gate

Then make 5 roof cover using Plaster of Paris.

Then adjust roof as per pic.

1st roof in the top of the brick and remaining 4 roof side of 1st roof.

Step 7: Window

Then make one layer of brick.

Then adjust 2 windows as per pic.

Then complete this layer using bricks.

Step 8: Slop for Roof.

In the above portion of a window make a roof for a window using half bricks.

Make sure the slop of bricks is perfect and clean.

Step 9: Roof Laying

In the last step, we need to cover the roof using POP sheet.

Take one strip of PVC and make this in the center.

Then laying two sides of the roof like a picture.

To Enjoy This Please Watch Our Video.

Step 10:

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