Introduction: Mini Hovercraft From a Dead Computer!

Hi! this will be my entry for the dead computer contest. In this instructable I will show you how to make a small hovercraft using parts from a dead desktop PC!

Step 1: Step 1- Parts & Tools


>A 12 volt, 0.14 amp cooling fan
>Fan pipe thingy (in the picture it is the bottom black round thing). or a plastic can of equal diameter to the fan. (has to be at least 3 inches deep).
>erector set pieces (optional)
>4 9-volt battery clips
>4 9-volt batteries
>electrical tape


>Swiss-army knife
>soldering iron (or tin foil and even more electrical tape)

Step 2: Step 2- Aquiring Parts

To get the parts out of the pc you have, unless you already have, is pretty simple.

>open up the computer with the screwdriver (or Swiss-army knife)

>locate the part inside and remove it or rip it out violently. (the former is preferred as ripping can cause damage to parts)

>the erector set pieces I used are mostly for show. you can use screws instead of them or even glue if you like. it doesn't really matter.

>the 9 volt clips can be gotten at your local radio shack

Step 3: Step 3- Assembly

>the fan can be glued on top of the fanguide thingy/can.

>if you have the other rector set pieces you can put them on the hovercraft

>the 9 volts can be glued to the side of the fanguide thingy/can.

>now use your soldering iron to attach the 9 volt clips in parallel so the voltage is coming out at 36 volts. that will run the fan way higher than it is supposed to be but it is worth it.

>if you have done all this, it should be able to float about a milimeter above the ground. if not increase or decrease the the distance between the fan and the ground.

Step 4: Step- 4 Have FUN

when it is all complete you can take it to a basketball court and kick it around like a gigantic game of air hockey. HAVE FUN!

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