Introduction: Mini Hydroelectric Concrete Dam

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Hi Friends.

After Long time I make a mini concrete dam using cement, sand , water and steel bars.

For making this mini hydroelectric dam model you need following Items.

1. Cement, Sand, Steel, Water.

2. Gum and Foam Sheet

3. 3d Printer and PLA Filament of different color

4. Dc motor, Stepper motor, Bulb and wire

5. Basic Stationary Material

So let's start making.

Step 1: Watch Full Video on Youtube

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Step 2: Excavation and Foundation

Make excavation like pic 1. in your ground.

Then cut steel bars and bending stirrup like pic 3.

we make 14 stirrup and 12 strait bars.

Step 3: Foundation Reinforcement

Then we settled all bars and stirrups.

Space between two stirrups 4 cm and bars was 2 cm.

Step 4: Shuttering of Foundation

We use 3d Printer for making plastic stepper motor stand.

We need two stepper motor stands for upward movement of we placed both side.

I attached 3d .stl file for making stepper motor stand.

Then we cut two shuttering for concreting and stick with heels.

Step 5: Concrete Filling

After some time we pour well mixed concrete and vibrate for no bubble gap of concrete.

we need about 1.5 feet3 of concrete for this pouring.

After this pour wait for 24 hours.

Step 6: Dissemble Shuttering

After 24 hour complete dissemble shuttering and remove tap above stepper motor stand.

Step 7: Reinforcement of Side Wall

For making side wall place steel bars and joint all cross point.

Step 8: Stepper Motor for Upward Movement of Door

After this place two stepper motor in place of stand.

Step 9: Slider of Dam Door

Make slider wall in 3d printer and place both side of stepper motor.

Then cut shuttering for both side wall and stick with gum.

.stl file for slider wall is attached in this step.

Step 10: Concreting of Side Wall

Then pour concrete and vibrate this. After 24 hours you can dissemble scaffolding.

Step 11: Slider Parts Installation

Then again 3d print slider door and place this using 6mm steel bars for sliding smoothly.

Step 12: Dam Door RCC

After this place steel bars between slider for making door.

Stick two column stirrups for road and place shuttering for dam door.

Step 13: Concreting of Dam Door

Then pour concrete inside dam door and wait for 24 hours.

After this time dissemble shuttering and check the slide up and down.

Step 14: Install Belt for Movement

Then Install belt for moving mechanically between stepper motor and slide door.

wiring the stepper motor and check movement.

Step 15: Dam Road

After check place shuttering for road above dam for moving vehicles.

Step 16: Reinforcement of Road

Place steel bars on road for RCC.

Step 17: Concreting of Road

Then pour concrete last time in this road and wait for 24 hours again.

Step 18: Remove Shuttering

Remove all shuttering carefully and check movement of door upward and down.

Step 19: Hydroelectric Dam Installation

Then make plastic stand for dc motor and turbine using 3d printer.

Place dc motor on stand and stick with it, then wiring two dc bulb as per picture.

Step 20: Practical Working of Dam.

Please watch above full video making mini dam con

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