Mini IC for Atmel2051 Module




Introduction: Mini IC for Atmel2051 Module

this is a simple layout for an atmel 2051 or 4051 IC, this is just a module which has the reset button on the same ic.

the idea of this module is for learning 2051 progrmming, i know that der are trainer modules out der, (i mean i Have 2,) but during my learning, i like paratiicing with servos or motor, or other stuff, so i prefer a module dats customizable, rather than using a bread boared, which later u have to remove, and rearange and stuf..

So this module is basicaly the circuit for the IC 2051

Step 1: Materials and Tools U'll Need

1 100ohm.25w
1 8.2Kohms or clostest, i have 9.sumthing K ohms
1 4.2 sumthing kilo ohms, (this is just for power indicator led  resistor, 3K to 5K just to reduce consumption)
2 33 or 30 picofard ceramic capacitor
1 10microfarad electrolytic capacitor
1 12MHz crystal (or closest, it depends on u really, some programing may just vary)
2 small led light, green and yellow(or whateveru want)
1 tack switch 2 pins
1 wire about 3 cm
male headers
   2 pc by 1
   1 pc by 4
   1 pc by 2
   1 pc by 9
universal pcb ( the one on the picture is already cutted)

cutting boared    (optional, wer u will cut the universal pcb)
cutter                   (use to cut universal pcv, not optional, i dare u to cut a pcb with a scissors, send me an instructible)
metal ruler           (optional, so u cut the pcb straight)
soldering gun     (DUH!!!)
solder                    (is this optionla.... hmmm...)
suction-a-mathingy (the one that sucks the lead incase u got it wrong, sorry, i'm an amateur,optional)
solderingwax      (optional, but better u have to make a good solder)
safety gogles     (soldering wax somtimes boil and splatters)
exhaust fan        (so u wont inhale fumes, look at my improvice exhaust fan)
Ali                      (an instructible of mine, or u can use other solder helper)
mini vise         (u can use it to hold the pcb while ali holds the pcs while u solder)
and a fan          (coz its hot in our country)

and a clean table, (i dare u to do it while standing up, if u prefer the floor fine,
                                                        Caution, lead is toxic, is it ok to solder in the dinning table??? hmmm)

may be a pitcher of juice or soda (soldering can take a while, i'm an amateur, wiah i had one wen i was working)

Step 2: Schematics and Diagram

The single line diagram.

the drawn schematic is base on the PCB i have, its from a universal PCB that i cUt out. the blue ink are the conection dat needed to be cut, while the red ones are the ones needed to be connected. (the led light power indicator is not yet included, its just a simple connection, u can just add a resistor of 5K ohms in series with the small led light)

u can see the finish one, remember, that the picture showing the conection at the bottom is a mirro image of the drawn schematics, so dont get confuse.

if u want u can first try it on the bread boared.

Step 3: Put It Together

Just follow the Schmatic and start soldering everything

remember, after each solder, make sure evrythings connected, u can use ur multitetser for it.

Step 4:

So now what u have is a basic module for the main IC, just add a 5v supply, located on the right side of the module, den with the pins... just place ur out puts...

again, my main idea for this one is just so it wont be place on the bread boared, and can be applied to basci robotics...

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    It's rare to see a fellow Filipino have an 'ible here. Nice project! just clean up your spelling though.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    hahaha! tnx! dis was a draft, i was hoping to join the pocket size contest but i was out of town... TNX...