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Hey it's me this is my first instructable so don't go to hard on me ok? Ok. Also it's a bit long so i'm sorry about you having to wait for each instruction to load.My brother and sister and i wanted to hold a mini market at home with food and other stuff available to buy there.Here's how to hold a mini market like my brother, sister and me!

Step 1: Gathering the Stuff!

You Will Need:
Several Cardboard shoe boxes(with lids)(it all depends on how many peole are holding a stall)
Tables for the stores
Goods to sell(milkshakes, popcorn, stuff you don't want etc. etc.)
Pens,Pencils or Textas
Sticky Tape
Computer with microsoft publisher 2003 or 2007 installed(optional)

Step 2: Making Money and Signs

There are two ways to do this. You can either do it on the computer with publisher and print it or you can hand cut and draw coloured paper to make the money needed to buy and sell goods from the different shops.

On the Computer:
Firstly open up publisher if not already. If using 2007 just click on business cards. If using 2003 select File>New a menu will appear asking which layout you want select business cards and click O.K. In 2007 a new screen will appear asking which template/layout you wan't. Don't worry because you'll be deleting everything on the page anyway.Just click Create. As for the 2003 it will come up with a blank page shaped a bit like a business card.Now decorate the business cards using the tools provided until you get the look of some money.Click File>Print. Make sure the multiple copies per sheet sign is selected and you have the right printer selected and click print. Wait for it to print then grab some scissors and cut each card out. Do the same with the posters but don't cut the paper and when your supposed to select business cards select flyers instead and DON'T design it like money, design it like a poster for your store.

With your hands:
Grab some paper and some textas, pencils or pens and a ruler. Divide the page up into different parts and decorate each part to make it look like money. Cut it out and you have money.

Step 3: Cash Registers

To make the cash registers get a shoe box and take the lid off and put it aside for now. Using a knife or scissors cut a hole across the bottom of the shoe box big enough to fit the shoe box lid in and make it able to slide in and out. now cut a peice of cardboard big enough to cover the top of the box. Tape the cardboard on and you are ready to go.

Optional Tip:
Get two bits of coloured cardboard(both different colours) and cut one of them into a small square and cutt small circles out the other bit of cardboard. Stick the small circles of cardboard onto the square of cardboard and then stick the square of cardboard onto the front of the shoe box.

For more detailed instructions click here

Step 4: Advertising Your Market

To advertise for your market put up signs around the house on a day when lots of family members are there or when friends are over.

Here are some good places to put signs up:

To put up signs simply blu-tak or pin them to a wall or door.

Step 5: Setting Up the Stall

Now to set up the stalls. put your cash registers on a table about in the middle. Then share out the money made equally. You can spend money as well as sell things but you must make sure to be patient if people are out or else they may not sell you anything.  

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