Introduction: Mini Maypole Cakes

I created these cakes for May Day, a holiday sandwiched between Easter and Mother's Day and so often overlooked! There's something so nostalgic and whimsical about maypoles and the traditions that surround them and I knew I wanted to make a Maypole cake topper that celebrated them. Mini bundt cakes were the perfect pair for these Maypole toppers, made with striped paper straws and pastel ribbon. 

Step 1: Supply List

Paper Straw
Round candy or jelly bean, glue and a toothpick (Optional, for pole topper)
Mini Bundt Cakes

Step 2: Cut Your Ribbons + Straw to Size

Using the size of your mini bundt cakes as a guide, cut your straw to the desired height. Then, cut three lengths of ribbon to the desired length. I wanted each finished strand to hang 10" long so I cut three lengths at 20" each.

Step 3: Fold and Twist Ribbons

Layer your ribbons on top of each other, fold in half and twist slightly.

Step 4: Insert Ribbon Into Straw

Insert your twisted strands of ribbon into the top of your straw. You may want to add a touch of glue to the inside of the straw to hold them in place if you are not adding a topper.

Step 5: Add Topper

If you're adding a candy topper, cut a toothpick in half and insert it carefully into the candy.

Step 6: Insert Topper Into Straw

Insert the toothpick topper into your straw on top of the ribbons and spread the ribbons out evenly.

Step 7: Add Maypole to Cake

Place your maypole into the center of your bundt cake. If it does not stay steady on its own, use an extra bit of glaze or a marshmallow to hold it in place. Spread out the ribbons and you're finished!

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