Introduction: Mini Motorbike From Kid Bike With 80cc Bicycle Engine Kit

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In this instructable I show you how I made a small motorbike using an old kid bike together with the available 80cc Bicycle engine kit.

Most people use this to power their regular bikes, but I used it to make a little moped/motorbike.

The total costs of my build are below 120 usd.

5 for the bike
100 for the kit
15 for small materials

The bike kit is available here:


  • Old Kid Bike, make sure it's a strong one (no plastic)
  • 80cc bicycle kit
  • Some metal pipes to make the frame/mountings

Step 1: Check Out My Video!

I hope this video will help you create a motorized bike, or at least give you some inspiration for your own project. Along with the video you can follow the steps below :-)

Video Link

Step 2: Bike

Start with getting a strong metal bike.
I found one second hand.

Try to picture if there is enough space for an engine or if you are able to create space.

Step 3: The Frame

Remove the old bike parts like paddles and so.

Then we can fit the 80cc engine kit.

In my case I needed some frame customization.
The good thing tough with this engine is that you can just bold it on.
So when I had it mounted the right way I welded back the frame tubes.

Make sure you frame stays straight and strong.

Step 4: Add the Other Parts

Add all the parts to make the engine work.

  • Electrical components
  • bougie
  • carburettor
  • throttle handle and cable
  • gas tank
  • clutch handle and cable

Step 5: Add the Sprocket and Chain

One of the last steps was to add the sprocket and chain

Step 6: Custom Exhaust

The kit comes with an exhaust, but the position looks weird.
I did some customization to let it look like a proper moped exhaust.

Step 7: Ready

The bike is now ready to go for a test ride.
Later I will add some brakes, but for now I just use the soles of my shoes haha.

Step 8: Enjoy

Make sure to make a 2 stroke oil/petrolmix and enjoy the ride.

Thank you for having a look at my instructable ;-)

Please also check out my youtube channel

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