Introduction: Mini Paper Roller (DIY)

Working from home .. and have to note down important dates or notes , or write to-do list.. but nothing in handy ?? This mini paper roller helps you out !!!

This mini paper roller is a easy way to remember important things or note down short notes or even write important messages .


  • A flanged plate (1 pc)
  • A flexible plate (1 pc)
  • An axle (3" - 1 pc)
  • Retainers ( 4 pcs)
  • A double angle strip (1 pc)
  • Strip 5- holes ( 2 pcs)
  • Screws 8 mm ( 6 pcs)
  • Screws 21 mm (2 pcs)
  • Nuts ( 8 pcs)
  • Paper roll
  • Straw
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Scale

Step 1: Fixing Double Angled Strip Onto the Flanged Plate :

On the flanged plate , first a double angled strip is fixed at the top using the screws and nuts. Making sure the double angled strip is firmly fixed and doesn't move .

Step 2: Fixing the Axle :

Now , take an axle and pass it through the holes at the end of the double angled strip . Secure it with retainers on both the sides .

Step 3: Fixing the Flexible Sheet :

The flexible sheet is fixed on the flanged plate making sure it is tightly fixed and not movable .

Step 4: Fixing the Strip Onto Flanged Plate:

The two strips ( 5 holes) are fixed onto the flanged plate by placing both on top of each , ensuring to leave a small gap between each strip so that the paper can be flipped in .

Step 5: Inserting the Paper Roll :

Now , the paper roll is inserted into the axle . First measure the length of the paper roll required and cut the paper roll . Here I used a plastic straw to support the paper roll. Take the straw and measure the length and cut it . Now insert the paper roll in the straw and insert it into the axle.

Step 6: All Done !!!

The mini paper roller is all ready... Now make important notes , write short messages or make to-do list on this adorable paper roller.

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