Introduction: Mini Paper Folder With Hidden Compartment

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STOP!! Don't throw that old-used paper in the trash!

Pic 1:

Left Side: This is the narrower version. I do not reccomend this one. If you want to make it just go right ahead.

Right Side: Regular virson *thumbs up*

Pic 2:

The regular verson. Shows slots for mini pieces of paper, and the secret compartment... shh...

Step 1: Step 1

I have an annoying habit of holding the paper verticly and folding it in half horizantelly. I think It kinda confuses people.

Hold the paper horizantelly and fold it vertically.

Step 2: Step 2

Pic 1:

Unfold the half fold, and fold the bottom to the crease you just made.

Pic 2:

Unfold that fold, and fold it up both corners so that ithey are along the previous crease.

Pic 3:

Very-difficult-to-see-because-it-is-too-bright close-up.

Pic 4:

Fold this up to the first crease you made.


Not shown:

Move your mouse to the top of the page and click step 3.

Step 3: Step 3

Pic 1:

Flip over and fold in half

Pic 2:

Fold both sides so that the both reach the middle VERTICAL crease.

Pic 3:

Fold in half so that you make a horizantel crease.

Step 4: 4 Four Quatro Qatra/ Make the Narrow Version

Now..... Tuck the corners into the slots below. If you do it correctly, you will refold the last crease.

crap... after all this work I am realizing, is there anyone else who did this? *screams*


To do the narrow version, just do all the steps the same, except, start out with the paper lengthwise..

Step 5: The First Step Was the Intro. So Is This an OUTRO?

Done. Thank you.

Five star and favorite.