Introduction: Mini Pillory (Stocks)

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This wooden Pillory makes a perfect stand for your mini skeleton. If you are not familiar with a Pillory, the device was used for punishment by public humiliation and often further physical abuse. This project was made from pallet wood and was scaled to fit the 18” tall plastic skeleton. Only basic woodworking skills are needed and it should take less than 4 hours to build.

Step 1: Tools/Materials


  • Table or Miter Saw
  • Drill Press & Bits
  • Nail Gun or Hammer
  • Sander
  • Ruler
  • Pen/Pencil


  • 3/8” thick wood x 1 1/8” strips.
  • 3/8” thick wood x 2” wide
  • Nails
  • Wood Glue
  • Paint or Stain (optional)

Step 2: Determine the Size

Buy a plastic skeleton. Depending on the size, you might need to change the dimensions below to match the proportions of your skeleton. This skeleton was purchased from Michaels and cost about $4.00. You should be able to find others at Amazon, Target, Walmart, etc.

Step 3: Drawing

You will be building to this drawing. All the dimensions are in inches. Note that the parts are color coded for easy reference.

Step 4: Sides

Cut multiple strips of 3/8” thick wood. For the sides, cut the pieces to the lengths shown. You will need 4 of the orange part and 2 of the yellow part.

Step 5: Assemble Sides

Attached the sides together as shown. I used glue and clamps for the attachment.

Step 6: Base

Cut Base parts as shown. You will need 2 of each style. Note that the chamfer is optional.

Step 7: Assemble Base

Again, glue and clamp.

Step 8: Brace

Cut the brace as shown.

Step 9: Gussets

Cut 4 gussets as shown.

Step 10: Clamp - Step 1

Cut a piece of the 3/8" thick wood to 2.125" x 10". Mark the hole locations and drill the 3 holes as shown.

Step 11: Clamp - Step 2

Cut the part along the center line to make two pieces.

Step 12: Assemble - Step 1

Attach one of the sides to the base. I used a nail gun and glue for this step. Make two of these.

Step 13: Assemble - Step 2

Attach the sides together using the brace. I used glue and a clamp for the attachment.

Step 14: Assemble - Step 3

Add bottom clamp as shown. Make sure to center it between the sides. Note that this might be a tight fit. If so, lighlty sand it until it fits into the slot. Glue into place.

Step 15: Assemble - Step 4

Add gussets as shown. I only used glue for this step.

Step 16: Finish

Since I wanted contrast between the skeleton and the Pillory, I added homemade stain (coffee/water) to the wood.

Step 17: Skeleton Modification

The shoulder sockets on my skeleton didn't rotate out, so I readjusted the rotating joint.

Step 18: Add Skeleton

Drop the head and hands through the hole and add the upper clamp.

Step 19: Final Product

Enjoy your Pillory!

Step 20: Other Projects You Might Find Interesting

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