Introduction: Mini Project #1: Modding Your Magnesium Fire Starter

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Hi Instructables community,

thank you very much for all the positive feedback for my previous projects. With this Instructable I'm starting a series of mini projects each focusing on a small DIY project that will take between 5 -20 minutes and only basic tools to complete.

This week I'm starting with a small modification for standard magnesium fire starters. The problem is that most are delivered with a small ball/bead chain that connects the magnesium block with the scraper/striker. This results in two problems:

  1. Each time you want to use the fire starter you have to disconnect the magnesium block from the striker.
  2. This configuration creates noise/rattling which can be negative in a tactical or hunting situation.

To address this problem I started to modify my fire starters years ago. By replacing the ball chain with a length of shock cord/bungee cord you can rectify both problems. In addition to that I replace the factory scraper with a length of quality hacksaw blade. This can not only be used as a scraper & striker but also as a metal cutting tool for every day challenges as well as survival situations.

For a detailed demonstration of how to modify your fire starter I would like to recommend you watch the embedded video.

In the coming days I'm planning to release more mini projects to catch up with my YouTube releases before publishing an all new project by the end of the month.

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Take care & stay safe

Cheers Alex

Step 1: Required Materials

You will need

  1. One Magnesium Fire Starter of your choice - This should be of the type with the build in Ferro rod
  2. One Hacksaw blade
  3. 28cm/11Inches of Shock cord aka bungee cord

Step 2: Tools

You will need:

  1. A pair of scissors
  2. A small hammer
  3. A Metal file
  4. A scriber
  5. A thin permanent marker

Step 3: Mark the Breaking Point

Place the hacksaw blade flat on the magnesium block and align the two holes with each other.

Use the permanent marker to mark the length of the magnesium block on the hacksaw blade.

Step 4: Create the Breaking Point

Use the scribe to create a breaking point along the marked line. Do this on both sides of the hacksaw blade.

Step 5: Break Off the Blade

Use the hammer to gently tap the blade in both directions close to the breaking point.

Carefully bend the blade forwards and backwards until it breaks off.

Step 6: Smooth the Breaking Point

Use the file to smooth over the breaking point.

Step 7: Smooth Edges

Use the file to create 90° edges at the straight edges of the hacksaw blade.

Step 8: Connect the Items

Use the bungee cord to connect hacksaw blade and magnesium block and tie it with a figure 8 loop.

Step 9: You're Done

Wrap the bungee cord around the block when not in use to avoid rattling.

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