Introduction: Mini Relaxation Garden

This little garden is made mostly from salvaged materials. You can use whatever you have laying about, make your own small items, or purchase miniatures to use.


You'll need a vessel to hold everything. I used an old cracked birdbath tray that is no longer functional for its original purpose.

Gravel or sand



Step 1: Ground Level

I used small gravel from my driveway to fill in the tray and placed pieces of moss on top. I tried to make small mounds of gravel so the ground isn't too flat. I tamped the moss down gently.

Step 2: Move Stuff Around

The best part of this mini yard is that if you don't like it, or you get bored with it you can change it around over and over again!

Step 3: Supplies

I had this dead mini tree from a fish tank so I used that as a taller item. I found the clay house at a thrift shop. The stones came from our garden. The flowers are made of glass, and originally were candle holders for a birthday cake. You may be able to tell that they are broken, which is why we no longer use them on cake! The stepping stones, Buddha, bees, mushrooms and small wire fence all came from various garden supply shops. I've collected them for several years and quite honestly don't remember where I got them all!

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