Introduction: Mini Robot Car


I am Rathnesh from White Field nook.Today i will show how to make mini robot car.

Step :1


  • 4 Big wheels
  • 4 ice cream sticks
  • 9v battery
  • Battery clip
  • 2 gear motors
  • Switch
  • Card board sheet
  • Glue
  • Are materials used to build this project.

Step 1: Fixing Gear Motor


  • Take a two gear motor.
  • And place the two gear motor in opposite sides as shown on figure.
  • Take a two ice cream stick and cut into two equal part.
  • And stick it on both sides of the gear motor equally.

Step 2: Connecting Wires


  • Fix the wheels to the gear dc motor.
  • And connect the wires to the gear motor.
  • And connect that wires to the battery connector.
  • Take 9 v battery and place it on gear motor with the help of glue.
  • And connect battery clip to the battery.

Step 3: Connecting Switch


  • Connect the wires to the switch.
  • And take a ice cream sticks and stick it on end of the gear motor like a stand.
  • And take round card board sheet and stick it on stand ice cream stick.
  • Stick the white paper on the cardboard sheet.
  • Draw a face on the white paper.
  • Now the mini robot is ready.
  • When we on the switch the mini robot car starts moving.