Drop Proof Speaker!!

Introduction: Drop Proof Speaker!!

I thought of this speaker because I wanted
Something that's drop proof. So I built it, and I want to share this project with you guys. This speaker has a mini amplifier that needs 5v,

So here is what are going to need.

1. 5v amplifier

2. 5v lion battery charger ( like the one you get for your device )

3. Thin wood

4. Metal grid

5. 3.5m aux jack

6. 3w speaker ( small enough to fit in grid )

7. Wires

( tools )


Glue gun

Sand paper

Big cutters

Jig saw

Soldering iron

Step 1: Cutting

Cut 8cm high, and 7 1/2cm wide, cut five
Pieces of wood. Then glue.

Step 2: Soldering

Solder amplifier to speaker, and aux, then solder wires for 5v.

Step 3: Take Apart Charger

Open up charger, use the 5v out to connect to
Amplifier. Connect a button or switch to the charger to turn on battery and amplifier.

Step 4: Drill

Drill hole for aux and battery charger and button or switch, hot glue the stuff and make
Sure it is drop proof!!. If it is mount speaker
And grid. And enjoy!!
If you like this project please vote thanks.

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    money bags
    money bags

    8 years ago

    Well it's my dad's glue gun, and I was borrowing it for
    Heavy glueing. Works great,
    And I love this thing, I might
    Go buy one for my self.