Introduction: Mini Survival Kit

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This is easy to make and small enough to bring anywhere! If you get lost or get hurt this will help a ton!

Step 1: Find a Mint Tin

Find an empty mint tin, I used an altoids tin which works perfectly

Step 2: What You Need to Put in the Tin

The next steps will go in depth on what to put in and why.

Step 3: Matches and a Striker

1. fit as many matches as you can in the Tin, maybe 5.
2. Then glue or tape the striker to the inside of the lid.
3. This will help you start fires

Step 4: Pills in a Tube

Put aspirin or some pills in a straw that if you get hurt or something can help you this is how to make it:
1. Pinch one end of a straw and put about 3 or 4 pills in the straw
2. cut the straw to fit the pills
3. With a lighter or match heat up both edges and pinch them shut

Step 5: Mini Mirror

1.You use this for signaling someone with the sunlight flashing off the mirror
2. Also sometimes you can start a fire with this is you know how to

Step 6: Tweezers

These can help you get out splinters or for doing anything else

Step 7: Band-aids

I would recommend getting small ones and waterproof ones just incase

Step 8: Paper and Mini Pencil

1.this can help you write notes or help signs
2.make sure the pencil is sharpened

Step 9: Fishing Hook, Line and Yarn

1. Can help you try to fish
2. The yarn can help tie the hook to a stick
3. Use duct tape to keep this secure on the top of the tin

Step 10: Hair Tie

1. Can help tie back hair
2. Can help tie something together
3. Many more uses!
4. Put this around the tin

Step 11: Tin Foil

1. Can help cook something
2. Can send a signal coming from the sunlight
3.many more uses

Step 12: Candle

1.Can have a flame going way longer than a match
2. If you have a lighter it will last longer than a match which only has one use

Step 13: Safety Pins

1. Can be used to keep torn clothes together
2. Can slice something if opened
3. Bring at least 2 and chain them together