Introduction: Mini Survival Pen

A survival kit that fits in a normal pen.

Step 1: Gather Items

Get a pen, a 2 inch nail, a sewing needle and thread, 2 small fish hooks, 2 sinkers, half of a cotton ball, fishing line, a small Band-Aid, a safety pin, and duct tape.

Step 2: The Pen

Take apart th pen. Keep the front part.

Step 3: Fishing Supplies

Drop the hooks and weights into the body of the pen. Next, cut off about 10 feet of fishing line and put it in too.

Step 4: Sewing Items

Drop in the safety pin and sewing needle. Then, cut a few feet of thread and put it in too.

Step 5: First Aid

Put the small cotton ball in the pen. Next, fold the Band-Aid until it is small enough to fit and put it in.

Step 6: The Nail

Put the nail in the front of the pen where the writing part usually sticks out. The nail should fit snug. Only have the nail sticking out a few millimeters so it looks like a normal pen.

Step 7: The Duct Tape

The last step is wrapping the beginning of the pen so it kind of looks like a pencil grip.

Step 8: The End

I suggest putting in a few strike any where matches that are dipped in wax so they are water-proof. If some of the itemd are a little hard to get down the pen, use the ink holder to push down.