Introduction: Mini Tape Dispenser

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My kids got fancy tapes from Auntie. I just couldn't stand watching them play with scissors. Then I started this flash-project. I needed to get it done ASAP.

Later I find it quite useful for me in the field working with transparant tape and electrical tape.

Happy printing ^_^

Step 1: 3D Printing

Three parts I call them :

  • Pin
  • Cutter
  • Bite-Ring

You can print them at once, but sometimes separated things will end up messy if your print bed is less sticky, then you have to print those parts separately.

I am printing with Creality Ender-3 and Cura Slicer :

  • Material : PLA
  • Layer Height : 0.16 mm
  • Speed : 50 mm/s
  • Infill : 20%
  • Support : No
  • Build plate adhesion : Skirt

Step 2: Assembly

The assembling position is like the picture above, left to right namely : pin, cutter, bite-ring.

  1. Let the pin go through the cutter's hole.
  2. Clip the bite-ring on the pin in the cutter's hole.

That's it. Your tape dispenser is ready to go.

Step 3: How to Use

  • Put the other end of the pin inside the tape.
  • Use your thumb to press teh cutter.
  • Use your index finger to hold the pin inside the tape.

It is small and compact. No bigger than adult's thumb. Take good care of it because you will lose it easily. The kids were happy with their new tools. So were I.