Introduction: Mini Tower Garden

In this Instructable, I show how to build a Mini Tower Garden for your home or apartment. The Mini Tower Garden is a great way to grow flowers or vegetables in a small space. All of the supplies and materials are usually available at a Home Depot or at a similar home improvement store.

Step 1: Gather the Supplies and Materials

You will need the following supplies and materials:

1 Bucket and Lid (5 Gallon, Black or White).

1 Vinyl Fence Post (6' x 4" x 4").

1 PVC Pipe (10' x 2").

1 PVC Pipe (24" x 1/2").

1 PVC Pipe Coupling (1/2")

1 Fountain Pump (100 GPH). (100 to 185 depending on the height of the post)

1 Pump Adapter Hose (1" x 1" O.D. Clear Vinyl Tubing).

1 PVC Fence Cement (4 oz Tube).

1 Aluminum Angle Mill Stock (96" x 1/2" x 1/2")

12 Net pots (2" diameter)

You will need the following tools:

Miter saw


crescent wrench (small)

Exacto Knife

Step 2: Prepare the Materials and Assemble the Parts

Tower Drip Post

Cut the PVC Pipe (10' x 2") into 5 equal sections at 2'

Cut one 2' Pipe section into 6 equal sections at 4"

Cut each 4" Pipe section into two Net Pot Holders at a length of 3" with a 55º angle.

Cut the Vinyl Fence Post (6' x 4" x 4") into four equal sections at a length of 18".

Cut three 2" circular holes on the four-sides of the 18" Fence Post section.

On the first-side and the third-side, cut the first hole 3" from the top-edge to the hole-center and 5" center to center for the remaining two holes.

On the second-side and the fourth-side, cut the first hole 4.25" from the top-edge to the hole-center and 5" center to center for the remaining two holes.

Glue the Net Pot Holders to each side of the post with the vinyl fence cement.

Tower Post Base

Cut a 4"x4" square in the lid of the 5 Gallon Bucket. (Keep the cut-out for the drip-plate at top of the post.)

Cut four sections of aluminum angle at 4" each.

Align two aluminum angle sections at approximately 3/4" from the post base and drill two sets of two screw holes on the opposite sides of the post to mount on the lid.

Insert the Tower Drip Post into the cutout of the Tower Post Base

Insert the aluminum angle sections from the topside of the lid and align with the pre-drilled holes in the Tower Post Base.

Insert the screws and thread the nuts.

Insert the two remaining aluminum angle sections on the top side of the lid. The fit should be tight and will lock the post to the lid.

Tower Drip Plate

Cut a 1/2" hole in the center of the drip plate.

Notch the center area of the edge on each side.

Cut a 1" section of the 1/2" PVC Pipe and insert into the coupling.

Alternatively, cut the four sides of a fence post cap to fit the inside dimensions of the post.

Cut a 1/2' center hole and notch the four sides.

Flow Pump Assembly

Cut the connection sleeve for the pump and pipe.

Measure and cut the 1/2" PVC pipe to a length 1/2" below the the top of the post.

Mount the Tower Drip Plate onto the coupling assembly at a height just above the holes in the Tower Drip Post.

Cut a notch into the side of the lid for the pump cord.

Insert and center the pump in the bottom of the bucket or vase with the electrical cable lying over the side

Connect the water flow pipe to the pump with the connection sleeve.

Lower the post and lid assembly over the water flow pipe and center the lid onto the bucket or pot

Align and insert the Tower Drip Plate over the coupling and cover the post with the cap

Fill the tank with water, plug the pump into an electrical outlet and test the flow of the system

Step 3: Concluding Notes

1. Build 4 towers for cost efficiency.

2. Drill 4 two-inch holes with alternating spacing.

3. Position the two “screw” holes for mounting the brace so it clears the first plant holders.

4. Cut your plant holder angles exact to prevent leaking.

5. Use “fence post glue” to get a permanent water proof seal.

6. Determine the height of the water tube by the hight of the Pump + bucket + tower - the space from the top to allow for plant holders at the top to receive water.

7. Create a sleeve to connect the pump to the water tube.

8. Use a coupling to build a lip that centers the shield so all sides receive dripping water.

9. Position the frame that mounts the lid to the tower to clear the first plant holder.

10. If using fish for Aquaponics, clean the pump every few days, and position the tower for ease of access to feed the fish and clean the water, until you create a “circle of life” balance with the plants, fish, and feed.