Mini Drill Press With Dc Motor




Introduction: Mini Drill Press With Dc Motor

Hello, here I show a new version of my mini drill press, specially designed for PCB, but may be useful both for drilling and sanding or polishing, etc..

The operating principle is simple, on two guides slides (drawer type) put the basis for the drill.
The movement of these guides is achieved using a lever, retained by a spring. The movement of this lever rotates a gear (made by me, wood), which meshes with a rack attached to the drill holder.

In this case, since I have several powerful DC motors, I thought it would be interesting to put one of these motors and drill a mandrel and have everything fixed.

The mandrel and the motor shaft are connected by the latter connected to a screw which in turn grasps the mandrel. All this together by an aluminum tube that allows a good grip.

So far it works pretty well, the engine is quiet.
To power the motor use an external source of 16v-1A, but I think it falls a little short, ideally with 24 Vdc feed. I put a toggle switch to control the ON-OFF.

Thanks for the visit

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hi nice work. I looked at your mini circular saw, that is awesome too.

    I want to build a mini drill press like yours and i wonder if you could help with something.

    How can attach a drill chuck(0.3-4mm) to a dc motor? Or what are the parts did you use and how did you attach?

    Thank you.


    Reply 7 years ago

    Hello, connecting the mandrel to the motor shaft is done by:
    1. Circular metal profile in which a screw within a screw and leaves the mandrel is screwed into the
    2. On the other side of the metal section shaft is inserted, by applying Epoxy ......
    3. Ensure that the screw and the motor shaft have the same diameter for metal profile fits well.
    On the other hand screw placement it requires that the head of it is the same diameter as the hollow mandrel so that it is centered ........
    It's a matter of finding the right.
    Please consult, I hope I've helped ...........


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Hi i wonder if you can help me, i would like to know how you made the rack and pinion that you use. It may be simple but i just can't figure it out, thanks in return, Rob


    Reply 8 years ago

    Hi I use a template made with inkscape, I show a picture in the other drill press published as instructable.