Introduction: Mini Seedling Greenhouse

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Make an easy mini greenhouse from trash to raise seedlings.

Step 1: Find a Container

A clear plastic berry box with a hinged lid will become the greenhouse.

Step 2: Save Toilet Paper Cores.

Gather up three toilet paper cores.

Step 3: Flatten Edges

Flatten in half, open, then flatten the other other way so that four edges are creased.

Step 4: Cut in Half

Step 5: Cut Slots

Cut along each of the four flattened edges about a quarter of the way up the tube.

Step 6: Fold in Each Segment

Fold and unfold each segment, making good creases. This will make it easier to fold up the bottom

Step 7: Close Up Bottom

Fold in each flap, one over the other, as you would to close a cardboard carton.

Step 8: Store Pots in the Greenhouse

The pots can be stored in the greenhouse until ready to be filled with soil.

Step 9: Fill With Soil

Fill each pot with soil or potting mix. It is a good idea to do this over a sheet of paper, cardboard or plastic to catch the excess soil.

Step 10: Tamp Soil Down

Step 11: Plant Seeds

Plant a seed or two into each pot then place them in the greenhouse. Water each pot.

Step 12: Close Top

Close the top to keep the soil warm. Place the greenhouse in another plastic container without holes to catch the water and keep moist. Because the pots are so small they tend to dry out quickly.

Step 13: Transplant When Ready

The lid can be propped open on warm days.
After the seedlings are big enough, transplant, pot and all. The roots will grow straight through the cardboard which will break down quickly in the soil.