Introduction: Miniature Garden on Your Desk.

This project is really easy for everyone to make. It is super cheap and space effective, meanwhile bringing in the beauty of the outdoors onto your desk. It's great to do with kids too as they always love to get muddy hands!

Step 1: First Collect Together Everything You Will Need.

You don't need much for this project. I didn't buy anything.
You will need:
A plant saucer (I had tonnes of old ones lying around I'm sure you will be able to find old grotty ones in your back garden. If not they are really cheap at local gardening stores.)
Water fountain (I bought this water fountain a while ago it cost around £10 however the pump broke. I guess that was why it was so cheap. I decieded to recycle it and it looks really good in the scenery on the saucer.)
Wood clippings or leaves ( Small twigs or wood chipping under trees or from a local gardening store.)
Moss and grass from your garden and on trees. (The best ones are full of colour however if you cannot find much don't worry. If you water your mini garden it will grow into a small eco system. The root system will become strong and survive for a long time.

Step 2: Wash the Saucer

After collecting all of the parts my saucer was disgusting so I cleaned it up this part is optional but if it is going on your desk or table as I suggest you will want it clean.

Step 3: Fix the Fountain in Place.

I wanted the fountain high up to give the effect of a flowing river. If the pump still worked it would have looked cool with stones around the base as the water could flow more easily so you could play around with placement of the fountain.
I balanced the fountain on a mixture of soil and stones.

Step 4: Fixing the Grass in Place.

I found some grass which was thin but with a hood root system. I draped it around the edge of the water fountain. I cut soil off of the bottom of the grass so it was easier to mould but make sure there is enough underneath or it may just die.
I suggest grass with different textures and colours.

Step 5: Adding the Moss.

I found moss with nice colouring to it.i placed it in places where the saucer was showing through but mainly around the edges to create a valley kind of affect. I was very happy with the effect I got but you could also use them to make bushes in a scene and much more.

Step 6: Adding the Chippings

I played around with the design however finally decieded to use the chippings as a small stream. It is really pretty.
I sprinkled them from the bottom of the fountain to the edge.
I had originally planned to have a stone river (small white pebbles) but my saucer was too small and there was too much going on. I also had planned to build a bridge over the stream. Sadly I have no glue gun so I did it with sellotape, it looked horrible and was far to big. I have attached a picture of the bridge and later the original plan so you can adapt this with your model.

Step 7: General Notes:

The plan changed lots during the process I have attached the original scetch above(Yes I thought it looked better before, I'm terrible at drawing lol).
Do not over water your mini garden, there are no holes and you could kill the roots if they sit in water for too wrong.
It took me about 1 hour from start to finish
Enjoy making this, it is easy and cheap I hoped my instructions were clear I would love to see what you made so please post a picture in the comments.

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