Introduction: Miniature MadBot

In this project we can use useless phone and some handy things to make a MadBot which moves like mad and it is small in size.

So let's get started.

Step 1: Preparation

We need some things which shown in below.

- A useless mobile

- A useless toothbrush

- Equipment for soldering

- Screwdriver

- A piece of thread

- Double sided tape

Step 2: Open the Mobile

Now, With the screwdriver, open the mobile. There we find our main thing, Vibration Motor. Take that out carefully.

In my case it is directly visible but in other mobiles it may not visible directly and possibly cover by any other part and may be it placed in other side of the mobile. So keep looking for it and you will surely find the motor.

In this mobile it placed in black plastic holder and had connected with copper pad. But in your mobile it may connected by soldering direct to the mobile phone so you should desolder that connection and take it out.

Note: If you don't have any useless mobile or you don't want to remove from the mobile, You can buy this motor online.

Step 3: Vibration Motor

Vibration motor has unbalanced load on its tip so when it rote its shaft it produce vibration. This vibration motor is nothing but a simple DC motor. On the mobile circuit, it shows polarity of motor but we can power up in any polarity.

Step 4: Soldering

Now this is little difficult part because this motor has very small ends and we have to solder 2 wires on it.

I took 2 different colored wire and solder it on two different end.

Step 5: Brush Head

Take any useless toothbrush and cut its head carefully without hurting your hand. Just make sure that don't leave long tail.

Step 6: Mounting

We are almost done all things. Now its time to assemble all this parts.

Take brush head and stick the double sided tape and remove its cover. Now place the motor opposite side of the brush head and make sure that motor shaft and its unbalanced load can not touch with the brush.

Also place like that, Its one wire stay at surface of the brush head and other one at upper side so we can easily place button cell.

To give more support we tie some threads.

First, take a piece of thread and tie the motor. Pass the tread between the row of brush bristles.

Again take another piece of thread and tie the motor's lower wire and tie this thread near to the motor.

Note: You can use hot glue gun to fix it and also opt other ways of stick.

Step 7: Power Up

Now it's time to give power to the MadBot. I tried 1.5V, 3V and 4.5V and i found that 3V is proper voltage because on 1.5V it moves slowly and on 4.5V it become unstable. I recommended that don't try 5V or above because it may damage the motor.

Put your button cell as like that its negative side touch the bottom wire and stick with the tape and upper wire attach by a piece of tape and when motor starts, put it on the ground and watch the show.

This tiny robot really moves very madly.

I hope you like it.

"Make it, Modify it and 'I made it !' "

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