Introduction: Miniaturizing Arduino Autonomous Robot (Land Rover / Car) Stage1Model3

I decided to miniaturize the Land Rover / Car / Bot to reduce the size and power consumption of the project

Step 1: I Decided to Miniaturize My Previous Project

I chose ATTiny85 microcontroller to replace the Indrino Audrino compatible board

Step 2: Configuring ATTiny85

I move the program written for previous project on to ATTiny85. Now there's no need of the MC Board for the Bot

Step 3: Eneloop Pro Rechargeable Batteries

These are the best rechargeable batteries in the World! These Ni-MH batteries retain 85% of their charge even after 1 year of no use and up to 70% of charge even after 10 years of no use!

These batteries require special Ni-MH charger. But the investment is well worth it!

Step 4: The Bot From the Sides

I added an ON OFF switch to one side of the chasis and connected the battery compartment to the other side of the chasis thereby making the Bot look sleek without too many wires and accessories on top of the chasis

Step 5: The Bot From the Top

As you can see the Bot looks way more sleek from the top, with very few wires, circuit boards and batteries and battery compartments on top of the chassis

Step 6: The Final Bot in Operation

For the program and any other details such as the Motor Controller Board, you can refer to the previous project.