Introduction: Minimalist Plastic Paper Wallet and Card Holder

Being a a broke college student I found myself in the unfortunate situation where my old leather wallet in the same kind of design looked like it had been trough a beating. Not being able to afford a new one, my only option was to make myself one. After countless tries, I was finally able to achieve a result that was satisfying enough. I've been using it for about six months and it still looks fresh. People constantly ask me where I bought it so I decided to share the recipe so here we go.


  • 4 Card Slots on the sides
  • Top pocket big enough for Dollars Euros and most Currencies
  • Secret bottom pocket perfect for rewards cards and others. (Don't worry its very tight so things won't fall out)
  • Pick any Pattern or design you wish.
  • Very simple to make. Only one step is a bit more difficult you will breeze right trough the others.

If you don't feel like making it and/or want to support me so I can make more interesting things out of paper (Some things are cooking up and not quite ready), feel free to check out my Etsy store.

Step 1: Gather the Materials and Tools

You don't need much to make this project. You probably have most of the things you need around the house somewhere.

Materials Needed:

  • Piece of Paper (A4 or Letter Size)
  • Contact Paper
  • Precision Knife
  • Ruler
  • Stick Glue
  • Double-sided Tape
  • Printer

Step 2: Print the Template

I've made the template for both A4 and Letter Sized paper so our american friends wouldn't be left out of the party. Notice that the dotted lines are in different colors than the one shown in the picture above. I colored them to post here to make it easier for you guys to know how they are folded.

The template only has to be printed on one side. The other side you can pick any pattern or picture you want. I bought some wrapping paper for mine and just cut it to size. It's easy when you use a piece of paper as a template.

Please go wild with the patterns, colors and pictures! Make sure you comment it down below. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with.

Step 3: Wrap the Paper With Contact Paper (Optional)

This is an optional step but it's highly recommended if you want your wallet to last. As I said in the introduction I've been using this wallet for about 6 months and it looks fresh. Before you ask, yes its resistant to water to a certain point of course.

The best way I found to do this is to cut the contact paper to a size about an 2 cm / 2/3 of an inch bigger than the piece of paper on all sides. Remove a piece of the protecting layer of the contact layer in the vertical orientation stretch it gently with your hands and apply to the edge of the paper but make sure it's aligned well. (Picture 1) After that just gently guide the contact paper along the paper with the ruler while removing the protecting layer of the contact paper. (Picture 3) Now remove the excess contact paper with the help of a precision knife and a ruler. (Picture 4)

Step 4: Fold Along the Lines

Fold the paper along all the vertical and horizontal lines. For know, all you have to do is try to precisely mark the folding lines so the next step is easier. Fold all the lines out so that you can see the line while you do it Try to very precise so your wallet looks nice. After you are done folding them all, fold it the other way. That will make it easier to assemble it in the next step.

Step 5: Cut

Cut along the red lines up to the point where they touch the vertical blue lines.

Step 6: Assemble

With the paper in the vertical position fold all the the horizontal blue lines out and all the red lines in. If you did it properly you should have an structure that reassembles a spring kind of. (Picture 1)

Fold the big vertical flap so that it looks like the second picture. (Picture 2) Sorry for the OCD here. LOL

Step 7: Tape It (Almost There!)

If you have done everything right up to now, you should have what looks like a wallet with 3 little flaps to the side of it. This is the trickiest part so don't rush and take your time, you are almost there and there is no reason to ruin all the work you have done so far.

Fold the top flap into the the big flap in a way the little flap is hidden when you look at it from the top pocket. Repeat the process to all the other little flaps always applying double sided tape to secure the flaps in place. I'm not sure how to describe this but I hope you can see what I mean looking at the pictures. Let me know if you get it.

Step 8: Last Folds!!!

Now you should have the wallet completed except for the flaps on the bottom. Apply glue the flaps (Stick glue works best since there is no excess that could glue more than you want) and fold them in. Pay attention to Picture 3 and you will notice that when you fold them in you have to separate the internal flaps so that you create the big top pocket and the smaller "secret" bottom pocket. You might want to choose to not have pockets at all. In that case just glue the outer flaps right in the middle. That will create a groove in the middle of it making it easier to push things out of it from the bottom. Things should't fall out because of how tight the wallet compress them inside.

Step 9: You Made It!

If you are happy (or not) with how it turned out let me know in the comments and please share your results!

It might take a couple of tries to get it exactly perfect. That's ok. Just a heads up family members will ask you to make it for them. It gets kind of annoying after a while but it's also a nice little gift for your loved ones.

If you don't feel like making it and/or want to support me so I can make more interesting things out of paper (Some things are cooking up and not quite ready), feel free to check out my Etsy store.