Introduction: Minimalist Wall Clock

In this project, I am making a watch from reclined wood.

There are no design elements on the face of the clock. Only holes instead of numerals. The main character is a combination of soft yellow wood with highlighted grains and dark wood with almost invisible grains. Therefore I finished it with oil to shows off the grain and true beauty of the wood better.

This is a simple and perhaps a good project for beginners.

The video Also has all the steps



Sander, Router, Clamps, Saw,


Few pieces of wood,

Wood finish,

Clock movement,

Step 1: Wood Bonding

Glued lighter wood pieces together by inserting think slices of dark wood between them.

Clamped and left to dray overnight.

Step 2: Trimming the Board

Used custom made planing jig to trim board to a consistent thickness.

Then cut edges making a clock in perfect square shape.

Step 3: Clock Face

Drilled hole in the center which will become a clock shaft hole at the end.

Then printed clock face on A4 paper and transformed hour positions on wood. Used simple router jig to make holes for clock positions.

Step 4: Hole for Clock Movement

Used router jig to drill a hole for clock movement.

The jig is rectangle cut into chipboard pice. The size is chosen in a way that if my router slides over the egdes it makes 5.5sm x 5.5sm hole which is a perfect size for the movement I use.

Step 5: Sanding

Started with 60 grit round sanding. Then rounded edges with a router and continue with 80, 120 and 180 grits.

Sanded edges with handes.

Step 6: Result

Applied walnut oil and installed clock movement and hands.

Thanks for watching it. I hope this will help you make a similar project. And if you do please share pics with us.