Introduction: Minion Bookmarks

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This is a simple project for all you minion lovers! I saw the new trailer for the new Despicable Me and thought I would get in the spirit!

Step 1: Here Are the Items You Will Need…

- Yellow, Black, Blue, White, and Brown Paint
- A note card or cut up poster board
- A pencil
- A toilet paper tube ( optional )
- Scissors
- A cup of water ( for rinsing your paintbrush )
- A paper towel ( for drying your paintbrush )
- Paintbrushes
- Craft Glue

Step 2: Making the Outline

Take your pencil and start by drawing a minion shape. Next you can draw the overalls and the g logo for Gru. Next take the toilet paper tube and trace a circle for the eye. You can freehand it, but I prefer to use it as a guide to make an almost perfect circle. Finally, draw a pupil and an iris on the minion.

Step 3: Painting and Glueing the Goggles

This is a different step from the actual painting part because I like the bookmark to have a little foot so it doesn't sink down in the pages. If you don't like a foot you can just skip this step completely and just paint this part on instead. Anyway, just cut a little circle in the toilet paper tube with the scissors and paint it grey. Then glue it to where you drew the circle with the toilet paper tube.

Step 4: Painting the Minion

Now all that's left is the painting. The logo is blue and black. The eye is white, brown for the iris, and black. The minion itself is yellow. Don't forget the back side! Also paint the mouth black.

Step 5: Finally Enjoy

Enjoy this cool minion bookmark!

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