Introduction: Minute Clock Planner

Name: 9B 吳季芸 Kiwin Wu

Project name: Minute Clock Planner

Description of the project:

The function of this project is to maintain your working time. This could remind you how much time did you spent on your work or this could work as an alarm. This could especially benefit people who need to be kept away from their phone to concentrate. This prevents you from pick up your phone and start to message your friends, watch videos, play games or shopping. The original setting is to let the clock ring after 1 hr which is 60 mins on the clock, but you could arrange it according to the length of your work.


Stepper motor



Arduino Leonardo


Hard cardboard



Minute hand (like the ones on the clock)


Step 1: Cut the Hardboard Into a Circle With a Radius of 8.5cm

Step 2: Divide the Circle Into 12 Fan-shaped With a Ruler and a Pen, Remember All the Spaces Have to Be the Equal Length.

Step 3: Then Use the Pen to Pierce Through the Middle of the Circle.

Step 4: Label All of the Numbers Onto a Paper Than Stick Them Onto the Clock

A/N: Because it is a minuinte clock, so the first number will be 0 then 5, 10, 25...etc.

Step 5: Put the Cardboard and the Minute Hand Onto the Stepper Motor

Step 6: Stick the Hook and Loop Onto the Clock Then Make Multiple of Those.

Step 7: Write Down Plans on the Paper and Stick Them on the Hook and Loop Tape

Suggestions: For example, reading, homework, piano, running...etc, what you do most in your daily life

Step 8: Write the Code for the Clock (click the Link)

Step 9: Start to Connect Wires on Stepper Motor and the Buzzer (the Picture of the Circuit Diagram)

Step 10: This Is the Video of the Project