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Introduction: Science About Perfect Mirror Glaze Cake Instructables Colors Mouse Cake

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amazing mirror glaze cake with all techniques AND secret

this récipe make one cake 17x17 cm
let's start yo make best ever Mousse cake

Step 1: Let's Start the Show

you have to do your coulis in this case i make Raspberry coulis ( ITS like a jelly)

you need
Frozen or fresh fruit 250grams
gelatine 2 Tsp water for gelatine 2tbs
water 1 TBS
sugar 1/3 cup

first step

prepare your mold use one Easy to take off Like a ring or silicone mold
my cake ITS square i usted a ring ,have to be More tiny your jelly mold for good results

mix gelatine with 6 Time your grams in Ester
Let rest 5 minutes meanwhile
put un a pan fruit,sugar AND water and cook
about 6-7 min medium low
stir every moment
turn off ,
strain and add gelatine and mix until disolves put un your mold antes freeze

Step 2: No Bake Creme Brulee

yes no bake creme brulee with same taste
amazing :)

you going to need
heavy cream 450ml
egg yolks 3
sugar 3 tbs
vanilla 1tsp
cornstarch 1tbs
pinch of Salt

first mix in a pot sugar AND eggs until look nice AND foamy add vanilla AND crean
mix AND turn on fire to medium low
when start yo Bubble turn off ,strain and put over your coulis. AND frezze again

yes to Easy!! AND yummy

Step 3: Caramel Almond Toffe

make a delicious toffe

you need
70g almond
2 egg yolks
45g sugar
70g sugar
15ml water
70g butter
pinch Salt

mix fiesta sugar AND egg yolks until foamy
make Caramel with another sugar AND ,water put in a pot ok low until have deep ambar color but dont stir! never! leave it
when have ámbar color put your butter AND mix fast! until incorporate add egg yolks mix AND mix final add almond AND voala! done!
put over your creme brulee AND frezze

Step 4: Let's Make Best Ever Chocolate Mousse

you need
mousse base bomb paste
egg yolks. 3
egg 1
sugar 55g
water 40ml

heavy cream 210
dark chocolate melted 150g
gelatin 2g in 12g water

first beat your heavy cream until hace soft pics but in a bowl AND set aside
mix water and gelatine Let them rest 5 minutes

put eggs sugar AND water on a heat proff bowl AND put brain Marie dont stop beat !! all the Time until get 82°c fast put your egg mix in a bowl AND beat add gelatine melted
AND beat until doubled un size AND cold

add some cream yo melted chocolate AND add to a bowl with egg mixture AND Golding
incorporate AND add heavy crean put in tour cake mold, unmold your filing put on the Middle AND frezze until done at least overnite

Step 5: Make the Glaze

let's make mirror glaze
make this beauty it's a science, perfect vibrant colors, consistent, shine,have to be perfect to look great!
this it's amazing, shiny,flavory and perfect!!!
the secret , temperature and right amount of ingredients and resting time

you need
water 50ml
glucose 100g
sugar 100g
condensed milk 65g
white chocolat 100g
6g gelatine 260 bloom minimum and 36ml water

hidrate your gelatine
Let set 5 minutes
first boil water ,sugar ,condensed milk,glucose medium-low flame just few seconds

take off put on a clean heatproff bowl
add Chocolate AND mix until disolves
add gelatine activated jus 5 seconds in microwave mix AND past your Turmix
until look smooth and shiny

Let rest until have 30-35°c AND glaze!!!

Step 6: Glaze De Cake

take off your freeze Mousse todo your mold
put over a mold por plate More smal to your cake AND justo put your glaze over your cake i make yellow red AND black justput over colors and they mix Let glaze stop Runing and put on a plate and refeigerate 4 hours after yo eat enjoy!!

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    4 years ago

    Really nice cake, however, your title implies that you share the scientific background of making it yet I didn't find it in your writing.


    Reply 4 years ago

    hello, thanks, and make perfect mirror glaze it's a science! i try alot recipes to make perfect glaze ,shiny , colorful, not to sweet, and finally found one , make desserts it's a science in my opinion ,
    have a amazing day :)

    Birdy Jane
    Birdy Jane

    Reply 4 years ago

    Jadem did not deny that science is involved, only that you failed to share it (the science). I would add to that, that , while I did not attempt any part of your recipes, judging from my first read-through there is entirely too much information/detail missing throughout this instructable, to the extent that I could not/would not try it myself! I assume English is not your first language, and though you are certainly better at English than I am at any other language, translation of any recipe from/to any language can be tricky. It seems reasonable to attribute the incompleteness to translation issues, in addition to some incomplete thoughts and several typos.

    You are clearly proud of your mirror finish, and I am equally impressed by it. But if you could just take a little more time to review and correct what you've posted here, you'd enable all of us to make our own mirror-glaze. After all, that is this site's raison d'etre. You may have even rushed your typing in order to meet the contest deadline, and won despite that! Congratulations on being a runner-up!


    4 years ago

    Oh man, that looks delicious! Great job!


    Reply 4 years ago

    thankyou so mucho i hope you try it!!! taste like heaven!!