Introduction: Mirror Postcard

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Want to help your vain friend stay in touch? Send a mirror postcard to him. The next time he decides to gaze upon his own heart-stopping beauty to make sure no slight imperfection has slipped in he will both remember where he lives for a safe journey home as well as your own address in case he should ever decide to forsake the transient electronic messages for a more solid form of communication.

Step 1: Etch and Cut

Etch the mirrored acrylic and cut it with a laser cutter. Once again, I'm using the Epilog at Squid Labs to get this stuff done. Here you can see the laser cutter doing the vector cutting of the postcard shape.

It should go without saying, but the etching always happens first. Otherwise, the surface will drop down a bit and even get sightly turned to one side. For designs that go to the edge it's a good idea to have a slight bleed to the design as well.

Step 2: Mail It Off

Slap a 68-cent stamp on it and it's ready to go all the way across the bay. I mailed this one from Emeryville so it went all of 15 miles in one day to get to its destination. Apparently in good shape, too. I'll have a picture up the next time I see David. That is, if he can tear himself away from gazing upon his own stoic features.