Introduction: Mirrorholder for Online Teaching

As a lecturer in covid-times, you have to give a lot of online courses.

Drawing someting or writing something down in front of the students can be a hassle.

Using your webcam with a mirror, you can create a small area to write things that are live breadcasted to your online class.

Step 1: Get a Mirror

The 3D file I created and put on is designed for a mirror of 60mm by 60mm (or wider) with a thickness of approx. 1.2mm.

I bought a small make-up mirror at Kruidvat (tasspiegel, 2,99 euro).

Step 2: Remove the Enclosure

  1. Take a small pliers and cut the plastic on both sides at the top.
  2. Remove the plastic covering the top.
  3. Use a small putty knife to gently cut the glue behind the mirror. Luckily these cheap mirrors don't have much glue attached.

In the mirror I bought, there are two mirrors, one normal and one magnifying one. I used the normal one.

Step 3: 3D Print or Get Your Holders

Download the stl-files I designed from and print it twice.

Step 4: Put Mirror in Place

Gently slide the mirror in the two printed pieces and put it on your laptop screen.

Step 5: Start Teaching ;)

Put a piece of carton on your keyboard under a piece of paper.

Adjust your camerasettings. Flip the image horizontally.

Done :)