Introduction: Mirrors Edge Runners Tag

Anyone who would have played this game would have seen this at some point or other. And now you can too tag like faith. I'm not responsible for any miss using of this project but in any case go wild.

Step 1: The Design

The design for this is pretty simple in theory. But when you're a gamer teen on a budget and a broken printer then you'll have to get back to the basics and DRAW the design. But if your printer is running you can just print out the logo.

Step 2: Cutting

All you have to do is cut out the design I prefer to use scissors but you can use what ever you want. If you were so awesome you could use a chain saw. ;-)

Step 3: Painting. Part 1

Picking the paint is easy if you don't have boxes full of greens. If you have spray paint that would be easier.

Step 4: Painting. Part 2

Finally I found a red I could use that wasn't empty or solid. (That's what she said) ;-)

Step 5: Painting. Part 3

Now I'm ready. As you can see my palet is already stained with paint from a diamond sword I made. ( which if I I get enough votes I will make a tutorial for ) Now tape the design on to the board or wall or canvas etc. I had to cut down the edges so it would fit on my canvas.

Step 6: Painting. Part 4

Try to give a even coat all over an try not to move the template. As you can see I did in the next step ( but I like the out of the line look) Wait for it too dry and remove the template.

Step 7: Admiration

Now step back and look at your master piece. Hopefully yours will look neater than mine. ;-)

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