Introduction: Mixing Sticks

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This is just a quickie!

I'll occasionally need to mix up epoxy resin glue or mix wood glue with sawdust to make a filler or spread glue onto work pieces. I use to look for a bit of card or a scrap of wood but now I just collect ice cream lolly sticks and reuse them for this.

Step 1: Cut'n'sand

Generally I just do a batch of them in one go and it takes just a few minutes. Cut them to whatever shape you want - I use my band saw. Clean up the edge if required with a bit of sanding.

Step 2: Store'em, Use'em, Throw'em

As you can see I cut a few different shapes.

  • I like a long straight edge to glue up wider pieces.
  • I like 90deg end cuts to help remove glue from corners.
  • I like straight 'paddle' types for epoxy mixing. ( I prefer to mix epoxy on glass as its easier to remove residue)
  • The end you hold is already a good shape and when your done at least they're biodegradable.



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