Introduction: Mlp App: Let's Play 3 Times!

Do you like the magical wings game? Now you have a better chance to play it because I have found an amazing cheat but you can't do it in the Sweet Apple Acres.

Step 1: Play in Ponyville

So I'm playing with Pinkie in Ponyville. Play what ever game they give you to play.

Step 2: Take and Play

Go to Canterlot and only if you played with a member of the mane six, play with them again. The mane six are in the Canterlot Inn.

Step 3: Take and Play AGAIN

Now go to the everfree forest and at the little camp site you will find the mane six. Play with them again.

Step 4: Go to SAA

You won't be able to play with that pony. If you are looking for them they are in the barn at the top left of the screen. Actually its more in the middle than the left.

Step 5: