Introduction: Awesome Minecraft House!

Hope you enjoy building awesomeness!

Step 1: Build the Ground Floor

Build a 13 x 20 rectangle. This is the base of the ground floor.

Step 2: Build the Ceiling... or Is It the Floor?

Cover the rectangle with Birch Planks.

Step 3: Walls of the Top

Use a pattern of 3 Spruce Planks and 2 Stone. You can also do the roof in this pattern.

Step 4: Stairs

Make a hole in the top floor and make stairs.

Step 5: How Does the Garden Grow?

Build a fence round your garden using Acacia Planks, get your Hoe out and dig some of the ground. Then put flowers of your choice.

Step 6: Light Your Way

Out the front, put 5 acacia fences in a line ,and ,on the one furthest from your house, add a torch. This looks beautiful at night.

Step 7: You Are Finished Your House

Furnish your house how ever you want. If you want me to do a particular Minecraft PE tutorial, do not hesitate to ask in the comments. Enjoy your house!