Introduction: Mobile Controlled Robot With Camera (no Microcontrolers Used)

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hi there,

i will explain how to make mobile controlled robot having camera without using microcontrollers , this is a very simple project easy to understand and simple to make, even its a very cost efficient .

remotely we can operate this robot from any place of the world where there is presence of mobile network, in addition to this i added another feature that is camera , i used mobile camera which streams live video without internet via wifi to other smart phones, smart tv, laptops. just you need to instal "ip webcam" app in your android mobile

to understand how to stream live video from mobile to other wifi enabled devices , plz visit following links

Step 1: Parts

1- ic 7780 dtmf ic

1- ic l293d motor driver ic

1- ic lm 7805 voltage regulator ic

2- BO motors ( choose rpm below300)

2- 0.1u f capacitor

2- 10uf capacitor

2- 100k resistor

1- 300k resistor

1- led , 165ohm resistor

1- 3.58 M hz crystal oscillator

1- universal headphone jack ( 3.5mm)

1- 9v battery

1- tanker robotic chaise

(see how to make tanker robotic chaise:


Step 2: Circuit

i have given circuit diagram . refer it and make on bread board or on pcb

connect tip and ring of universal headphone jack to ground . connect sleve of that to pin2 of dtmf ic followed by resistor and capacitor. its easy to make circuit connection by seeing diagram and i dont explain it in detail . if you have any problem please comment me

after completing circuit connection connect headphone jack to your mobile

Step 3: Working

first you need to make a call from one mobile to another mobile( i you want camera feature use smart phone) which is connected to robot and keep auto receive mood on in a mobile which is connected to robot .after receiving call

press 9 then robo moves in forward direction

press 6 then robo moves in backward direction

press 5 then robo rotates anticlockwise direction

press 0 then robo rotates clockwise direction

press 3 robo stops

other keys 1,2,4,7,8 turns robot to left and right direction

please see the video for working of robot :)

if you have any doubts please comment me

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thanks or watching:)

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