Introduction: Mobile Phone Case With Solar Pannel

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This is a mobile backcover with solar panel , A solar energy is a renewable source of energy we can use it plenty and their will be no limit

Step 1: Allignment

Drag a cube and transform it into desirable size this is used as the case of mobile phone, solar panel is also made of cube , The solar panel is placed over the mobile cover the solar panel receives and absorb energy from the sun. We use this energy to charge the phone

Step 2: Working

we use a cabe to connect the solar panel and the battery of the phone. When ever we need to charge the phone we can connect the solar panel to the battery via this cable.The charge is recived by the solarpanel is given to the battery and the battery will charge the phone. When we not want to charge the phone this cable can be used to hang the phone in our fingers it avoids the falling down of the phone that happens usually around all of us. Thereby using this technology we are providing an additional security to our phone

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