Introduction: Smart Wheelchair

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This is a combined chair and bed system for physically paralised people or people who always need someone's assistance. Usually old aged people make use of it. It is completely sensor controlled.

Step 1: TOP PART

The head part consist of a antenna, speaker,radio and other entertaining systems. It is programmed in such a way that it must give alarms at the right time to give medicine and food. It have the ability to read books if we scan the QR code of the books.

Step 2:


The body part is provided with gently massing system. It is a smart bed it can detect the body condition of the patient and provide the heating and cooling conditions. The smart arms of the bed detect the pressur and other health conditions of the patient. Self remot as well as voice control is provided

Step 4:

The caretaker as well as the children if they are not near the patient can recognise the body condition of the patients through their mobile phones

Step 5:


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