Introduction: Mobile Phone Stand Wallet Card

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hi this is my first instructable so please be gentle with any feed back and comments. plus I know the finished item is still a little rough around the edges but unfortunately all my more specialist tool are at work and I'm on the sick at the moment with no way of getting them.

This "ible" came about when I received my new contract phone and although amazed at the quality and performance was a little let down with the fact that all the stands and docks that you could get was not the smallest of items to carry around.

So I decided to make something for my self while I'm off work with a broken ankle then it hit me why not post it on instructables and enter a competition while I'm on.
to win the laser in the epilog competition would be great because it would mean I get the chance to start my own company and design and make things like my instructable on a larger scale.

well on with the instructable.

Step 1: Marking Out and First Cut

first you need to gather your tool and materials.

1x1/8"(3.5mm) plasticard/ styrene sheet most craft and model shops will stock this I got mine from hobby craft but it was made by Midwest products in the u.s.
3x 3/4"x 1/16"(20mm x 2mm) wood nails.

craft knife.
steel rule.
1/6"(2mm) drill bit.

now as all ways these tools are are sharp and dangerous if used improperly so please be careful.

ok so step one you need to draw around a regular credit card or similar card that fits in your wallet once you have done this add an extra 1/4"(6mm) to the shortest side.

Now Mark three lines 1/2"(12mm) in from both shorter edges and one of the longer edges.

Then once your happy cut along all three lines now you have a choice here depending on what tools you have available I
ended up using my craft knife and making several cuts along each line but you could use a cutting disk or side cutter on your dremel or any other suitable tool.

Step 2: Making the First Hinge

now what you need to do is drill a couple of holes 3/8"(9mm) in from the ends of the legs and right through into the Centre flap. Take it nice and slow and a bit at a time otherwise the styrene sheet will melt and ruin everything.

once you have drilled the holes push two of the nails right through and into the flap to create a hinge now these can be glued in place if they are not a tight enough fit.

now you might have to trim the longest of your cuts up or do as I did and bevel the edge slightly so the flap pushes out with out to much friction against the frame.

Step 3: Making the Leg

now you need to mark a rectangle out on the flap I made mine 3/8"(9.5mm) wide by 1&1/4"(31mm) long and cut this out.

once this has been cut out you need to drill a hole 1/8"(3mm) down from the top edge. now cut the head from the nail and push it in the hole so you have equal amounts protruding from each side.

Now drop the leg in place and put a mark where the nail lands on the flap. remove the leg and use your dremel to make two groves where the nail landed making sure they are deep and wide enough to drop the nail into.

Now drop the leg in place and you have two options either glue the nail in place or use a bit of unused styrene and melt it back over the nail now I wouldn't recommend this method but if you do melt it do it in a well ventilated area and wear suitable protection on your eyes, hands, nose and mouth

Step 4: Key Way for Leg

now all three bits are together you need to fold all three pieces out to make a triangle and mark where the leg contacts the frame now create a grove where you have just marked. Make sure it's deep enough to stop the leg from slipping when it's in place.

Step 5: And That's It Job Done

all I have done extra is put some anti slip tape down the two edges I don't remember where I got it from I've harbor that long I think it was from one of my previous jobs many moons ago.

I know it only contacts at three places but I left it like this due to the fact that my phone gets rather hot while in constant use so this way it's not against anything except for in three small places. hope you have like my first instructable
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