Introduction: Mobs in Minecraft Pe

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I have been playing Minecraft for a while now, and I have been getting used to old mobs. But then they added some new mobs that I was very excited about!

Step 1: Types of Mobs

In Minecaraft PE, there are three different types of mobs:


•Passive mobs never harm you, even if you hit them. This mob includes cows, chickens, sheep, mooshroom, pigs, and villagers


•Neutral mobs do not attack you unless provoked. This mob includes spiders, Endermen, and wolves.


•Hostile mobs attack you when you're in close proximity within its attack range. This mob includes Creepers, skeletons, zombies, zombie pigmen, Silverfish, and Slime.

Step 2: Sheep

Facts about Sheep:

•You can shave them using Iron Sheers

•They are attracted by hay

•Can be dyed different colors using any of the 16 different colors of dye

•Adult sheep with wool drop 1-3 drops of blocks of wool when killed

•Lambs drop nothing when killed

Step 3: Cows

Facts about Cows:

•Are attracted by hay

•When killed, adult cows drop beef and can drop leather

•Calves do not drop anything if killed

•Adult cows can be milked using an iron bucket

•If killed by lava or fire, drops cooked beef

Step 4: Pigs

Facts about Pigs:

•When killed, adult pigs drop pork

•If killed by lava or fire, pigs drop cooked pork

•Are attracted by carrots

Step 5: Chickens

Facts about Chicken:

•When killed, adult chickens drop chicken

•If killed by lava or fire, adult chicken will drop cooked chicken

•Is attracted by seeds

•Sometimes lay eggs

Step 6: Mooshroom

Facts about Mooshroom:

•Spawn in Mushroom Biomes

•When killed, adults drop leather and beef

•If killed by fire, drops cooked beef, or steak

•Adults can be sheared with iron shears, dropping five mushrooms and turning into a cow

•Adult Mooshrooms can produce mushroom soup. Get a bowl and roll over the Mooshroom. The press the "Get Stew" button

•Like cows, are attracted by hay

Step 7: Wolves

Facts about Wolves:

•Wolves can be tamed using a bone

•When tamed, your wolf will get a red collar. It will follow you unless told to sit

•A tamed wolf will attack whatever you attack, except for Creepers

•Can be attracted by beef, but simply tilts its head when the beef is in player's hand

•If an untamed wolf is hit, it will have red eyes and attack you

Step 8: Endermen

Facts about Endermen:

•Can teleport

•Picks up different blocks placed by a player

•Does not attack unless hit or looked at in the eye

•Takes damage from water

Step 9: Spiders

Facts about Spiders:

•Drops string when killed

•Can stick to ceilings

•Can be out in the daylight

Step 10: Creepers

Facts about Creepers:

•Can survive in the daylight

•Drop sulfur when killed

•Attacks players by exploding

•Does not drop sulfur if explodes

•Can be ignited by Flint and Steel

Step 11: Skeletons

Facts about Skeleton:

•Attacks player by bow and arrow

•Drops bones and, rarely, arrows

•Cannot survive in daylight, but if is in water out in the light, does not burn

Step 12: Zombies

Facts about Zombies:

•Cannot survive in daylight unless in water

•Drops feathers when killed

Step 13: Zombie Pigmen

Facts about Zombie Pigmen:

•Found in The Nether

•Can pick up dropped weapons and armor

•Cannot survive in daylight unless in water

•When killed, drops feather and rarely gold nuggets

Step 14: Silverfish

Facts about Silverfish:

•Does not drop anything when killed

•If attacked, can awaken other Silverfish within close proximity

Step 15: Slime

Facts about Slime:

•When killed, large Slime multiplies by four, but becomes much smaller. When those Slime are killed; they multiply by three into mini Slime. When killed, there are no more

•Drops Smile Ball when killed, equal to their size

Step 16: Monster Spawner

Monster Spawners are found in caves. They look like little cages with mini mobs spinning around on the inside.

Step 17: More Minecraft

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