Introduction: Mod Rock Band 2 Cymbals for Electronic Drums, Guitar Hero, or Rock Band 1

Yes, I've found a way to use the new rockband cymbal pack on the old Rock Band one kit or an Electronic drumset! It's pretty simple so here we go!

Step 1: Stuff

Alright so you're going to need some materials for this project. Go to your nieghberhood electronic shack and buy these materials.


Electrical Tape or Solder
Screwdriver (Phillips head)
Rock Band 2 Cymbal Expansion Kit

For Rock Band 1 kit: 1/8 inch mono audio wire
For Electronic Kit: 1/4 inch mono audio wire

Step 2: Lets Crack 'er Open!

So turn the cymbal upside down and unscrew ONLY the four center screws.

Step 3: Disect!!!

Let's disect this thing! Follow the pictures basicaly.

Take the blue circuit out of it's holder, cut the red and black wires.

Step 4: The Plastic Piece

There is what looks like an audio wire running through the plastic piece you unscrewed earlier. Cut the wire until you an put the cut up blue circuit and wire aside. You should have the back of the cymbal (where the screws went) empty!

Step 5: Prepare the Wire

Alright so now take your audio cable, whatever size it may be and measure it basically in half. Cut it there.

Step 6: Lets Wire It Up!!

Ok, strip the wire just a little bit. (Take the rubber part off so your left with 2 wires.)

Run the wire through the hole in the plastic backing.

Connect the wire with shieling to the red wire from the circuit, and the other one to the black.

Now tape or solder!

Step 7: Let's Use It ... But How?

Alright, you've basically done it now! To use on the electronic drum module just close it up and ur ready to go!!

To use it on Rock Band 1 you'll need to mod your game controller... heres the link.

you can skip the beginning though because your cymbals came with stand connectors!

If you try this or have ANY questions at all, whatsoever please comment me or something, I'm here to help, sorry if anything wasn't clear enough!


Notes from Kethler, who completyed the project and used the cymbals for the GH:WT set!

1: if you are going to solder the wires (as I did) disassemble the drum set and uplug the connector from the circuit board (may not be necessary, but I always error on the side of caution). While dis-assembled, you can remove the old mounting posts for the GHWT cymbals.
2. I used the stock mounting posts for the Rock Band cymbals where the legs meet the bottom of the drum pad. Have a full roll of electric tape handy, as you'll have to increase the diameter of the leg a little bit to get a tight grip. I also created a stacked roll just underneath the bracket on the leg so the bracket couldn't slip down over time.
3. Instead of gutting the old wiring off the new cymbals, I just hard wired it to my existing drum set (come to find out, both of my GHWT cymbal wires had become chaffed from use). Some sort of break away mechanism to detach the wires may be in order if you plan to move your set, but mine pretty much stay put so wasn't required.
4. I did have some sensitivity issues with double notes off the yellow cymbal. I was able to pretty much overcome this by lowering the cymbal closer to the drum pad and (as others have mentioned) taking a mouse pad: place a hole in the center and laid it on top of the cymbal, secured by the mounting cap. The one I choose to use also had a palm rest which I placed to the rear of the cymbal as a counter balance. A little trim work at the front of the cymbal and no problems.