Introduction: Mod Halo Pc to Make You Walk on Walls!!!

When your halo skillz just aren't enough...

using a simple mod, enable walking on walls for halo pc. just download some software, and check some boxes!

Step 1: Downloads...

you just need to download hmt 3.5
you can get it here

Step 2: Open Hmt

ok, this was partially quoted from joehadac, and i also used his pic. Thanks joe!

First off start up HMT

Now before we go on press the windows button and "e" or windows explorer

go to OS>Program Files>Microsoft Games>Halo

make a new folder named BACKUP

Copy everything in the maps folder and paste into BACKUP

this is for when you want to revert back to normal halo gameplay

okay continuing... Go back to HMT and go to Open>OS>Program Files>Microsoft Games>Halo>Maps

Open up a multiplayer map like bloodgulch

os means you go to your c drive. just go to start>my computer> c drive.

Step 3: Check Some Stuff...

after you've opened up a multi-player map (blood gulch in this case)
open the tag: [bipd] Biped (2 items), it should be fourth from the top
just click the little plus sign on the left of it, and it should open.

two tags will appear underneath it. click on one.
on the right of the hmt window, you'll see a tag editor box.
at the top, there'll be two check boxes, one will say immune to falling, the other will say walk on walls. click both.
now repeat that, but with the second tag.

when you're done, just close the hmt window, everything is saved already.

Step 4: How to Use, and Extras

to use the walk on walls function, just walk towards a wall/object and look up when you reach it. once your looking up, just try walking and, you'll start walking up it!

you can also walk on bases, vehicles, and even other people!
it basicly makes your feet stick to everything, so you can walk on anything solid. there is a "ceiling" below the sky you see. if you go as high as you can on a wall, then try to walk on the "ceiling".
it'll look like your flying, or walking through thin air.
to get down, just jump (press spacebar) and you'll fall.

have fun and experiment!