Introduction: Modding DoTA 2


These instructions are only used for Windows users. These set of instructions are used for people that are playing Defense of the Ancients 2 or DoTA 2 for short. In these instructions you will find how to do some modifications to DoTA 2. These instructions are made for people that do not already know how to apply simple mods to the game, and that have the game and have played the game to some degree.


  • A PC, these instructions are used only for Windows and not Mac or Linux systems
  • A computer that has DoTA 2 and Steam already installed on it
  • Internet

Step 1: Go to the Windows Icon in the Bottom Left Corner of the Screen

  • The icon might appear different but it will be in the same location

Step 2: Now Click on the Search Bar

Step 3: Type “notepad” in the Search Bar

Step 4: Click on the Notepad Icon or Press "ENTER"

Step 5: Once You Clicked on the Notepad Icon Notepad Should Open Up

Step 6: There Are Many Different Websites That You Can Find the Mods At

  • The website I personally like to use is
  • They have everything, explain what everything does and they tell you what the default values are
  • For an example: dota_minimap_hero_size 600. This is the default setting the game uses
    • I personally use dota_minimap_hero_size 1100

Step 7: Type in the Exact Code Into Notepad With the Changes You Will to Add

  • If you need to change the default values do so in notepad
  • If you have more than 1 line of code put each line on a new line so that you do not have two different codes on the same line

Step 8: Once You Have Everything in Notepad It Is Time to Save the File in a Very Specific Location.

Step 9: First Go to "File" Which in the Top Left Corner of the Program

Step 10: Then Select "Save As…" Which Will Be Found in the Drop Down Menu

Step 11: Save the File As "autoexec.txt"

  • But DO NOT click the save button just yet!

Step 12: Once You Have Autoexec.txt Typed in Go the Left Window and Look for "Computer" and Double Click"Computer"

Step 13: Double Click on OS(C:)

Step 14: Then Find "Program File (x86)

Step 15: Look for SteamApps Then Double Click SteamApps

  • Everything should be listed in alphabetical order

Step 16: Then Find "Common" Then Double Click "Common"

Step 17: Look for "Dota 2 Beta" and Double Click on "Dota 2 Beta"

Step 18: After Clicking on Dota 2 Beta Double Click on "Dota"

Step 19: For the Final Step Double Click on Cfg and Then Click Save

Step 20: Just to Make Sure Everything Worked Out Trying Loading Up DoTA 2, to See If Everything Worked

  • If they did not work try redoing Step 7 and then just press CTRL and ‘S’ while still in notepad

  • This most likely means that a line of code is written wrong

  • You should also be aware that if you have any preset key bindings in DoTA 2 that are already set, they code will not work. You will have to manually change the key bindings while in game and under the settings tab.