Introduction: Modern Key Hook

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In this guide I show how I made my modern painted wood key hook. Make sure you watch the YouTube Video for a detailed guide on how to make this.

For this project you will need;

Step 1: Sand & Stain

I started off with a piece of pine wood. This came from a shelf kit and was less than £5. The wood was not very smooth so I took my orbital sander and went through the grits, 80 up to 240 grit. I cleared off any remaining dust.

I then laid down some newspaper and used some stain to colour the wood a nicer colour. I did a few coats of this until I was happy with the colour. After letting that dry for couple of hours I buffed off any of the excess that might have been left on the surface.

Step 2: Tape & Paint

I took some masking tape and laid down strips in random directions until I had a pattern I was happy with. I made sure the tape wrapped around the edges as well. I ran my finger along all the edges to make sure it was stuck down, which will give me a nice clean edge on the next step.

Using some white spray paint I covered the entire piece of wood in a couple of light coats. It’s best to do lots of light coats rather than one thick one. This means you can get a better quality finish.

I let it dry for an hour and began to remove the strips of tape to reveal the unpainted wood below. The tape left a few small bits of glue residue which was easily removed.

Step 3: Attach Hooks

I found 4 hooks that I liked, and measured out where I wanted them to go. I measured the total length of the wood and divided that number by 5 to help me measure it out evenly. I probably should have predrilled the holes but but the pine was very soft and I could just screw it straight away.

Step 4: That's It.

That's the project finished. It took one afternoon to complete and was great fun to make. My wife and I use for for our keys, earphones and sunglasses, but you can use it to hang anything you use on a regular basis and need to grab just as you leave the house.

I'm really happy with how it turned out, and you change it's look how ever you want it to. Remember to subscribe to my YouTube Channel, and if you make one yourself take a photo and show me!