Introduction: Modern Mansion

Would you like to build this mansion? Well, go ahead to follow these directions.

Step 1: The Ground

Create a box 200 by 200 by 15 as shown in the picture.

Step 2: Create a Hole

Create a hole which would be for the pool.

Step 3: Tiles

Add some tiles around the pool in a square as shown for a professional look.

Step 4: Pool Complete

Add in a blue box to fill in the whole to create "water"

Step 5: Pillars

Add in 12 pillars 4 of them tall, and 8 half the size of the tall ones as shown in the pictures.

Step 6: Floor

Add in two blocks, one dark brown for the roof, and a light brown for the floor of the balcony.

Step 7: Pillar Adjustment

From the 4 tall pillars, raise the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th ones, and lower the 1st one as shown in the pictures.

Step 8: Pillars

Add two pillars in the front as shown in the diagram. Also, add a roof the same color as the lower roof.

Step 9: Balcony Railings

Add the brown railings as show for the balcony.

Step 10: Glass

Add some blue thin blocks to imitate glass.

Step 11: Panels

Remove the front panel to add a high stool and a middle couch from the OMSI hangout space.

Also I added 2 pool floaties in the water.

Step 12: Doors

Add some brown blocks as shown in the middle of the pillars to create doors.

Step 13: Garage

Create a Garage by adding multiple white blocks with a roof to shelter a car.

Step 14: Canopy

Create a canopy using 4 pillars, blocks, and a roof. Add some couches from the OMSI hangout space, including a round table.

Step 15: Car

That is the link for the car. Copy and paste it, and add it inside your garage. Then add a door to make it look like the garage is opening.

Step 16: AC

What is a home without an AC? Add one. Use a box, a cylinder with a hole, and a gear for the AC on the side of the house.

Step 17: FINISHED!

You are done! You can always add extra things.

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